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15 best Luxurious stay resorts in Coorg

If you plan to stay in an extensive resort and make sure you enjoy a wonderful view of comfort, then look at the resorts below and choose the best one for you.

The Orange Land – ethnical luxury pilgrimage

The interior of this thematic resort, inspired by the Kadukuruba Hadis, is transformed into a tribal environment. The best place in Coorg is probably the finest wildlife lodging because this location and luxury come together in one happy union. Go with your love for romantic dates or spend an evening in the Lakeside Deck Dining with your family.

The magical wooden cottages of Tamara Coorg

The luxury cottage with a spacious living area on the tree plugged into a private deck. Watch the solstice rising and take a cup of tea with you beloved in the morning to the clean, fresh mountain air. For honeymoons, the comfortable lounges on the deck of Coorg’s best resort provide the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon.

Fabulous place for family reunion Amanvana Resort

One of the best resorts in Coorg is the Amanvana Resort with its gentle setting in the middle of the wonderful beauty. Give yourself the rabbit hole activities to free your soul from the quick city life. Bathrooms are glass-roofed and you can sunbathe in your private courtyard.

Old Kent Estates and Spa Resort – Nature ‘s coffee retreat

It is one of the most luxury resorts in Karnataka, housed in the lush green beauty of Coorg. Old Kent estates are a paradise of nature for people who seek peace away from town life. The healthy environment and the warm hospitality of the famous vacation retreat can be enjoyed for everyone. Every penny you spend is worth the wonderful design of rooms with all the modern conveniences.

Windflower Resort & Spa – Hospitality Temple

The lovely Coorg resort is located on the tree-line highway only 20 km away from Bangalore. It is a postcard retrait known for its legendary hospitality, flanked by wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Take a trek to the hills of Brahmagiri and love a thick leaves jungle and an endless blue sky close to the Retreat Windflower.

Green Resorts Ambatty – Coorg Private Hideaway

Coorg is a private resort in its own right, in the gentle and rolling hills of Karnataka’s famous city. It’s a perfect retreat to rejuvenate your soul and mind from everyday hustle and bustle. Regardless of whether you are a sports enthusiast or a romantic soul planning with your darling for a weekend getaway. In this splendid resort in Coorg for honeymooners and sport buffs combine lounge with luxury in the nature.

Resort of Coorg Cliffs

If your hunt is still on for five star resorts in Coorg, then your search will definitely come to an end. This resort is located at 3398 feet from the level ocean and is considered one of Coorg’s most popular resorts. There’s a reason enough for a quality holiday for the picturesque natural setting around this place!

The resort of Taj Vivanta

This is one of the best resorts in Coorg, situated amid lush green rain forest spreading over an area of 180 hectares and promising a peaceful and luxurious stay. You will never want to leave this resort during your vacation in Coorg due to the vast forest and a wonderful view.

Castle Porcupine – the Tree Crown Citadel not for birds

This budget resort in Coorg is best suited for honeymooners, located right atop of the 300 acre coffee plantation. The calmness of the place accompanies the aroma that welcomes you wonderfully. Situated in the undulating and lush green landscape of Coorg, Porcupine Castle is the best place to stay.

Madikeri Club Mahindra – Moments for the WOW

It’s commonly called Karnataka, nestled in the vibrant capital of Coorg. Club Mahindra is an extensive resort, constructed on a coffee plantation site with the essence of local tradition. Stay with the swirling aroma of coffee and its colours and sights. The main features of one of the best resorts of Coorg are beautiful grasslands, paddy fields and orange orchids.

The cosiest place to be in Coorg Magnolia Estates

For guests who love to be part of the natural environment, Magnolia properties offers well-equipped rooms. You will enjoy the peace of the secluded mountain with the birds in the corners. This is undoubtedly one of the best resorts of Coorg, built in traditional South India style, located amongst the splendid coffee plantations.

A quaint town in front of the Madikeri River Parumpara Adventure & Cultural Holiday Resort

Parumpara is a luxury ethnic cottage that offers a pleasant mix of modern amenities. This resort is even special because of the enchanting weather in the foothills of the Madikeri region. You’ll feel like at home thanks to the calm and coolness of this resort with its beautiful view. With their friends and family performed by the local artists, you can enjoy contemporary dance and music.

Resort Heritage

If you are looking for a budget resort in Coorg where you can plan your last trip, then this is your place. This place is an ideal shelter from the lively city life and will make you closer to nature. This resort is a must visit, with its in-house restaurant serving delicious food and sophisticated decoration inside.

Resort of Kadkani

You should not forget this one when looking for Coorg resorts with activities. Here you can see the most beautiful views in the cottages, a porch. Pride of Pachat’s in-house restaurant serves some delicious dishes and makes a significant and interesting stay here.

Resort Machaan

This place is known for many reasons in Coorg district. You’ll be here to witness the coffee plantation lying in the southern region of Coorg. From Nagarhole National Park it takes you 15 minutes by car to reach this place. This Coorg Resort is one of the best places to take shelter, away from the lively city life.


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