Attractive powder is a fine powder containing shade particles and blend of iron particles This powder is equipped for pulling in ferrous material, henceforth utilized in different applications, for example, attractive movies, paints, printable substrate, fingerprinting, therapeutic diagnostics, video tapes, fuel injectors, nano level liquid fixing, hardware, and fortified and lasting magnets. These powders are gotten from three procedures, viz. Water-atomized powder, gas-atomized powder, and normally mined attractive powder. A couple of trademark highlights of these powders incorporate capacity to shine under UV or dark light, high erosion opposition, less muddled, simple to utilize, and reusable.

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The global magnetic powder market can be segmented on the basis of color, form, and type. In terms of color, the magnetic powder market can be segmented into jet black, black, silver, gray, and white. Jet black type of magnetic powder provides excellent contrast and adherence. It is a popular magnetic powder available in the market. Its demand is estimated to rise significantly during the forecast period as it is used as coating on various surfaces such as polystyrene and aluminium. Furthermore, its usage in developing fresh fingerprints and shoe sole prints are also raising its demand in the market. Black magnetic powder provides less adherence as compared to jet black; however, it provides high effectiveness, typically on un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and untextured surfaces. Silver magnetic powder also provides high adherence, typically on dark surfaces and possess a risk of smearing a print, whereas gray magnetic powder possess low adherence and low smearing risk. White magnetic powder is typically employed on dark textured surfaces and is less sensitive than other powders. Magnetic powder are available either in amorphous and crystalline form. Demand for crystalline form is anticipated to rise significantly due its increasing applications in various end-use applications such as choke coils, powder inductors, printers, and reactors.

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Rising demand for bonded and permanent magnets in the automotive and electronic industries is acting as a key driver for the global magnetic powder market. Magnetic powder, if employed during the manufacture of bonded or permanent magnets, provides high compaction and density properties. Additionally, it aids in lower ejection force requirement and springback, which further enhances the productivity of the magnet manufacturing process. Substitutes such as silk powder and aluminium powder, which are less expensive than magnetic powder, are likely to hamper the magnetic powder market during the forecast period. However, rising research activities in the field of hybrid magnetic powder are projected to generate significant opportunities for major manufacturers operating in the market.

In terms of geography, the global magnetic powder can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. The U.S., and China, are the leading producer of magnetic powder. However, the U.S. is a leading consumer of magnetic powder due to increasing demand for electric and lightweight vehicles in the country. China and India are rapid developing economies and the expanding electronic and automotive industries in both countries are fuelling the magnetic powder market. Rising investment, typically in the automotive sector, in Latin America is also boosting the magnetic powder market. Middle East & Africa is a leading region in importing automobiles. Strong government initiatives to develop the automotive sector and strong emphasis on domestic automotive manufacturers to increase their productivity are anticipated to boost the global magnetic powder market during the forecast period.

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Key players operating in the global magnetic powder market include EPSON ATMIX CORPORATION, Sirchie, BVDA International BV, and Reade International Corp.