Wind surf masts are the wind surfing equipment attached to the wind surf board and to which the sail is attached. The wind surf mast makes up the skeleton of the wind surf setup. Wind surf masts play an important role while wind surfing as it affects the maneuvering of the surf board. An increasing number of windsurfers are paying close attention to the quality of the masts while buying the wind surf equipment as it affects their windsurfing experience.

The carbon content in the mast is an important parameter that must be considered while buying the mast. The higher the carbon content, the more responsive and crisp the rig will feel. Lower carbon content results in a heavy and less responsive mast which reduces the overall weight of the wind surf set-up, deteriorating the wind surfing experience of the surfer. Other parameters that are to be considered while buying the masts are the stiffness of the masts and bend curve.

Various key players in the water sports space are introducing new products with tough build quality and reduced over all weight which enhances the wind surfing experience. There is a growing trend among mast manufacturers to offer a taper design to the wind surf masts which means they become thinner faster, increasing their breaking strength. Furthermore, the manufacturers are offering their products on various online market places at competitive prices which is driving the growth of the wind surf mast market.

The growing number of youngsters eager to take up adventure sports is said to be the primary driver for the wind surf mast market. Growing awareness among wind surfers regarding the materials and quality of the wind surf masts is helping them to identify the mast that best suits their needs. This is said to assist the growth of the marker.

Additionally, improvement in the materials and construction technology of the masts is leading to the development of high quality masts that offer a spectacular wind surfing experience and are preferred by wind surfers. This is another factor that is expected to have a positive impact on the market. However, the presence of counterfeit products with poor quality is a hindrance to the growth of the wind surf masts market. Nevertheless, the growing awareness pertaining to the authenticity and quality of the wind surfers is set to have a positive impact on the market.

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The global wind surf masts market is segmented on the basis of construction, carbon content, diameter, sales channel, and geography. On the basis of construction, the wind surf masts market is bifurcated into hard top and flex-top. Based on the carbon content, the market is separated into 30-60% carbon, 60-80% carbon, and 80-100% carbon. Depending upon the diameter, the market is segmented into reduced diameter mast (RDM) and standard diameter mast (SDM). In terms of sales channel, the market is segregated into online and offline. Based on geography, the market is separated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

The key players in the wind surf masts market includes Big Winds, Tushingham, Challenger Sails, NorthSails, Severene, Simmer Style Gaastra, Ezzy, Vandal Sails, Unifiber, Loftsails, NeilPryde, MauiSails, and Arrows, among others.