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Halloween Costumes

5 Best Halloween Costumes Ideas 2020

Halloween is the craziest time of the year when you can dress as what-ever or whom-so-ever you want to. You can wear the spookiest ghost costume or the dreamy Disney Princess flared gown – NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU!

Picking out the best Halloween costume can be challenging, but believe it, it’s totally worth the struggle! Imagine yourself, attired in the most unique and classic Halloween costume, and walking in the room whilst everyone’s staring at you and envying the look that has been embracing you with a spooky yet a stunning persona, wouldn’t it feel amazing?

Whether you are going to the Halloween costume party as a loner or along with your soulmate, you can always seek the best and unique ideas to dress up for Halloween, that can make you and your partner look the best among the crowd.

Here we are, with 5 best Halloween costume ideas 2020 that will make you carry the stunning and mesmerizing look that you have always dream of. Let this Halloween be the most memorable one. Mandalorian Jacket has a massive collection of Halloween costumes on their site, do check it out. Walk into the room in the best Halloween costume and let people know how adorable you are. Have a look:

Maleficent Costume

The Maleficent Costume is just what you need to own for Halloween this year. This costume will embrace you with the same grace and evil that this witch has been portraying on the screen. The long black cloak with black horns and those vampire fangs, you can gear up in Maleficent costume and see how the crowd will make place for you. You will surely look classy, unique and gorgeous in all black costume. Don’t forget to wear that red lipstick. 

Eurovision Song Contest Couple Costume

Sigrit and Lars from Eurovision Song Contest made us believe in elves and the power of love. The silver colored costume that these soulmates have been wearing in the movie is the best Halloween costume idea that you can go for this year. Get the same attires, accessories and a mic to hold onto. Sing the Eurovision song and let people know how crazy you both are about each other. Trust us, none other will be wearing the same costume in the room, which makes you look unique, classy and stunning for sure!

Harley Quinn and Joker Couple Costume

The forever perfect couple costume can be none other than the psychotic combination of Harley Quinn and the Joker. “Daddy’s Lil Monster” made sure to follow her dream man “The Joker” and let go all the norms of the world. She made us believe in how crazy people in love can be. Joker, made an alliance with Harley, and made her do whatever he wanted in the name sake of love. They are the strongest evil couple out there, attired in the most perfect outfit. Grab onto their look and see how people will adore the love bond that you both share.

Elsa Costume

Are you looking for the best Halloween costume for your little girl? Well, look no more, because Elsa’s costume from Frozen is what you need to grab onto. The Disney Princess’s costume with flares, crown and magical power of freezing the entire world is what your little girl has been dreaming of. Make her look like a real princess and tell her how much you love her. Let her walk into the room with Elsa’s costume and make her believe that she’s your princess. This will be her best Halloween costume party. Get ready for some extra cuddling tonight.

Pennywise Costume

IT Chapter II was the scariest movie that literally gave us goosebumps the entire time. The way Pennywise creeped us out and made us believe in the evil was super amazing. What else could be the perfect Halloween costume that the Pennywise costume? The creepy and spooky clown makes us frightened to our very core. Gear up in this costume and get hold on a red balloon. Let people at their first glance scream out loud, and you’ll see what horrifying terror you’ll be laying on the ground.


We believe that the above-mentioned Halloween costume ideas 2020 will embrace you with the look that you deserve to carry on the big event night. Gear up yourself in these classic costumes and see people going all crazy about your look. Let this Halloween be the most memorable one. Happy Halloween!


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