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5 tips for making your blog post more engaging

For a blogger and a brand using a blog as a marketing tool, working hard on their blog post is necessary. There are over 600 blogs on the internet, and every day 4.4 million blog posts find their way on the internet. It raises the bar for every blogger who wishes to establish a successful career and a brand.

The key to doing that is ensuring that your blog’s content is unique and appealing and relevant to the target audience. Your blog’s writing not only has to be exceptional, but it also needs to have a flow and must be easy for users to understand. These qualities will help engage a reader more with your blog, which will lead to more traffic and higher ranking.

So, here are seven ways to make your blog posts appealing and engaging for the audience.

Break up your content

Long paragraphs (more than 150 words) should not be part of your content. You need to break them up using bullets or images to make it appealing and readable. A user has a short attention span also most users make use of smartphones to read blogs. It makes it hard for them to read blogs, so you not only have to optimize it to appeal to the users, but also to make them readable.


  • Use short and easy to understand sentences
  • The font of the text should be such that it makes it easier for people to read on both smartphone and desktop. Also, make sure that the zoom button on the blog works
  • Use headlines and intriguing sub-headings to break your paragraphs
  • Bullets and numbering your content where appropriate is a great choice
  • Using bold or italics font can help provide variation to the text.
  • Lastly, using high-quality images which are edited using Canva and are relevant are useful for breaking up content, without losing its meaning.

Provide variety in your topics

It is true that to have a better hold on your blogs, you need to work in your niche. But for a brand, that should not mean to only write about the products or services that they are offering. Even if you are a travel blogger, you need to vary your topics, from tips to cultural learnings of a destination to more. Similarly, a brand needs to write about more things on their blog. Something that not only adds value to the life of the users but also keeps your blog happening and current.

Have a contents table

A blog that has over 2000 words works better in terms of ranking. But we also know that users have a short period, so we need short content as well. These two are contradicting sentences, and the one thing that can help is using a table of content.

When you write a long blog post with over 2k or 3k words, you should firstly use sub-headings, images, bullet points, and more to divide it and make it more appealing. Next, use the sub-headings to create a table of content which a reader can use to get it to the part which they want to read. This way, you can write a long post, without harming the credibility of the post, as the users can click on the hyperlink contained in the index and move to the part immediately.

Work on writing captivating headlines

Headlines and subheadings are crucial to a blog post appeal as we read above. Also, they encourage readers to view the whole blog and for some people act as an information source. For people, who don’t have the time to read the entire blog or who skim through the headlines, making it appealing and intriguing just won’t cut it. As a writer, you need to work on the headlines to be informative, short, but providing the main crux of the paragraph which follows it.

Work on creating original images

Similar to original content, original images have a better impact and influence on your readers. We, humans, are naturally visual people and a blog post which has fresh, informative, and intriguing images work well for you. Also, keep in mind that having images can help your blog with SEO too as it can garner more traffic and higher ranking. It has a separate page in Google, and if you use proper tags, it can get you leads.

For that to happen:

  • Work on creating images that have your mark on it, with the help of Canva tools. Using stock images can work sometimes, but most of the time, try to create an original.
  • Edit your images, quality matters over quantity
  • Make sure it is less in size. Otherwise, it will bring down the site’s speed, which no one wants.
  • Using custom images ensures that no one can use your visuals without your say so. It also saves you from copyright issues.

A blog content needs consistency and love to shine through and make an impact on the readers. So, use these tips to make it intriguing and simple for people to follow. No one likes a complex and dull blog!


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