Alienware Area51 Threadripper Review

Alienware Area51 Threadripper Review

Do you want a beefy gaming PC that can run even the most demanding games without a sweat in 4K? Do you have a big budget to spend on gaming this dream gaming computer in your home? Then the Alienware Area51 Threadripper is exactly what you are looking for.

Having one of the beefiest setups in a massive cabinet to store all the parts inside, this is the gaming computer that even the scientists on NASA would like to use. If you want to know more about this really expensive gaming PC, then read this Alienware Area51 Threadripper review right now. 

Alienware Area51 Threadripper Specifications

The primary specifications of the Alienware Area51 Threadripper Are:

OSWindows 10 (Upgradable to Windows 11)
ProcessorAMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16-core, 32MB cache, 3.4GHz clock speed, boosted up to 4.2GHz)
Graphics CardNVIDIA GTX 1080Ti 11GB with SLI
RAM32 GB (DDR4, 2667MHz)
Storage2TB Hard Disk (7200 RPM), 1TB SSD
Connectivity Ports8x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type A, 2x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C, 2x USB 2.0, x HDMI/VGA display ports, 2x 3.5mm socket (input and output both), 1X SD Card Reader, Bluetooth 4.1
Dimensions10.7” x 25.2” x 22.4” (W x D x H)
Weight28kgs (62 pounds)
DriveBlu-ray optical DVD Drive
Power Supply UnitAlienware 1500 watt 80-plus Gold
MotherboardAMD X399

Alienware Area51 Threadripper Review

Alienware Area51 Threadripper Review.

After getting all handsy with the computer like a teenager on Christmas, I spent roughly a week with this. After testing out every minor and major resource-consuming task on this computer for grueling long sessions, I figured out whether this computer is with a beefy price tag or not.


When it comes to the design of this computer, it looks like a Decepticon transformer. Available in darker shades of gray with silver and red outlines, it looks amazing and seems like a cool artifact to have on your desk.

Since the chassis is big, one of its key advantages is the fact that it can be expandable and upgraded as well. There is always room for more parts to fit in because the room itself is expandable in this case.

The Alienware Area51 Threadripper follows the triad design of such high-end gaming cabinets. This is a new form of chassis that allows for better heat dissipation, along with more space to store all your RBG-enhanced parts inside the motherboard.

This triad design chassis rests at a 45-degree angle, which allows all the heat to be absorbed by the CPU and GPU cooling fans and sent it outwards. However, you can chill the inside up if you add an additional liquid cooler inside for maximum longevity, 

Build Quality

The cabinet itself feels super sturdy, possibly even being able to survive a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake. Its imposing aesthetic is overkill if it tries to attract gamers, who will probably end up drooling over it. 

On the upside, the chances of this big boy breaking are low as ever since the entire machine weighs around a whooping 28kgs. Even robbers will have a hard time carrying this brute if they are stupid enough to try and steal it. 


Since the computer itself aims to be a machine that people are gonna spend their entire life savings on, Alienware has decided to make this investment worthy enough. The motherboard – the AMD X399 – is a big beast that has a lot of connectivity options – a lot more than what you probably need, actually.

If you want a chassis with lots of USB ports, the Alienware Area51 Threadripper will definitely grant your wish here. With 6x USB 3.0 Type-A ports and 2x USB 3.1 Type-C ports, you can connect a lot of USB devices.

You also get 2x HDMI/VGA ports to add your monitors. Just remember that these ports are mostly on the motherboard. Therefore, you get two additional VGA/HDMI ports which can be found on the back of the graphics card.

You also get Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which is a nice addition since most desktops and motherboards lack this feature. 


One of the best reasons to buy the Alienware Area51 Threadripper is the availability of various expansion options. Therefore, you can add an extra HDD, SDD, and even graphic cards to the mix.

This expandability and upgradability is a boon for video game live streamers and content creators. Live streamers require more than one computer for streaming since one is used for running the games while the other is used to run Open Broadcast Software (OBS) to live stream the games. The need for a dual computer setup can easily be mitigated here. 


When it comes to performance, this desktop is the best that you will get. With the AMD Ryzen Threadripper, 1960X – one of the best processors ever released – speed of functions can be managed effortlessly. Plus, it has 1TB SSD and 32GB RAM – enough for a lifetime for the moment. 

Couple this with a  2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti SLI-enabled graphics card; this is by far one of the best computers for gaming. Since it was released quite a few years back in 2017, it does not house the now top-of-the-line RTX graphics cards with Ray Tracing enabled.

I played some of the most demanding games like Metro Exodus, Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins Creed Valhalla, and lots more on this desktop. All the games ran at above 60 fps when playing at 1080p resolution with the highest graphical settings. Also, these games ran at a constant 30 fps + on 4K resolution.

The Alienware power supply seems big enough to support all the hardware, providing good performance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Some of the most asked questions about the Dell Alienware Area51 Threadripper on the internet are:

Q1. Can You Customize Alienware PCs?

Ans: Yes, you can freely customize your Alienware computers like the Area51 Threadripper and even the Area51m laptop. This computer has extra additional chassis add-ons to make customization easier. 

Q2. How Long Can You Game In Alienware Area51 Threadripper?

Ans: You can continuously play high-end games on the Area51 Threadripper computer for a long time. Its chassis makes cooling pretty effective and simple, allowing you to play for longer hours and not face any heating issues.

Q3. Can You Play VR Games On The Alienware Threadripper?

Ans: Yes, you can play VR games on the Area51 Threadripper. However, you need to have the right plug-in gadgets to enhance your experiences like the Oculus Rift and other VR technology. 

Q4. Did Dell Discontinue The Alienware Area51 Threadripper Computers?

Ans: No, Dell has not discontinued Alienware Area51 computers. The company instead has lowered its production (because of its high price) and has focused on manufacturing more Area51m laptops. 

Final Verdict: Is The Alienware Area51 Threadripper Worth It In 2022?

Final Verdict Is The Alienware Area51 Threadripper Worth It In 2022

The Alienware Area51 Threadripper is one of the best computers available on the market right now. Although it was released back in 2017, it still provides the greatest performances and power to run the best games on the market with ease.

Impressive gaming performance good power supply sturdy and expandable cabinet high-class coolingVery expensive and Lacks the now common USB 3.0 Thunderbolt ports

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