Top Tips for Your Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

If you are thinking about going something beyond just starting a food business and running a bed and breakfast, you probably have lots of thoughts about how you can put your own personal touch on things, or how to make your bed and breakfast really stand out.

It doesn’t take many viewings of The Hotel Inspector to find cases where people have taken this attitude and tried to walk before they could run, so to speak.

By all means, go the extra mile – but make sure you consider these essential tips first.

Let’s dive in:

4 Essential Tips For Your Bed and Breakfast

Key Takeaways:

  • Comfy Beds
  • Cleanliness is Vital
  • Don’t Neglect the Second Half of the Name!
  • Don’t Ignore the Law

No.1- Comfy Beds

Comfy, soporific beds should be a primary consideration for any good bed and breakfast owner. It is a basic that so many people still get wrong.

A comfortable mattress and a solid, heavy-duty metal bed frame might cost a bit, but if you invest at the start, you will not only find your bed and breakfast to be more popular, but you will also find that high-quality beds last a lot longer, saving you money in the long run.

No.2 Cleanliness is Vital

Cleanliness is equally as important as a comfy bed, and it’s easy to do right.

Whether you’re doing the cleaning yourself or employing people to do so, you should hold every single room to a high standard.

People often mention unclean rooms in reviews and once you get the reputation for providing less than clean accommodation, it can be a hard reputation to shake off.

Make sure you dust, which is something often viewed as optional. Checking for dust is a very easy way for a guest to tell how much attention you give cleanliness. 

No.3 Don’t Neglect the Second Half of the Name!

It’s not uncommon for bed and breakfasts to provide a decent enough room and then a bad breakfast.

The breakfast is your first chance to really stand out, offer something original, and put your personal touch on things.

Most people will expect a full breakfast of some kind, but make sure you offer vegetarian or vegan options too. Offering a classic breakfast dish from your heritage could be a safe way to differentiate your breakfast and impress (and it can look good on reviews too).

Check out

No.4 Don’t Ignore the Law

As the owner and operator of a bed and breakfast, there are many laws you need to follow to keep your customers safe.

Perhaps the most striking is the fire regulations, which can be expensive but can also lead to tragedy if not followed. You will also need to think about your insurance, your food safety, and even entertainment and alcohol licensing. Then there are the health and safety documents that you need to be very well acquainted with.

Remember that just like with comfortable beds and a good breakfast, making sure you’re paying proper attention to legal requirements is a good investment.

It will mean you don’t need to worry in the future, knowing you’re completely covered. It will also tend to encourage a higher quality of service, as there is a more detailed awareness of your responsibilities as a host.

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