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Benefits Of Using Handiman App For All Your Household Chores

A neat, tidy, and well organized is one that is what everyone loves. However, it has been noticed and observed that human life has become fast-paced now, and people are short of time in many ways. Lack of time means they have no ample time left even to clean their premises. But thanks to home cleaning apps as they have proved vital in helping us organize all our housekeeping tasks for the day and maintain a checklist for the same.

With the help of cleaning apps, we can now maintain a separate checklist for each room and even pass on chores to other household members. To help you keep on top of your cleaning tasks like a pro, there’s one app named Handiman that is available for download for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

The Handiman App

Enjoy seamless on-home services with Handiman and make your household chores easy. The app gives you a wide range of services that too on-demand and at your doorstep.

To hire local professionals with Handiman, you need to follow three simple steps,

  • Find an Expert: A Handiman expert is never far away. The app helps you find nearby experts that could reach your place in no time. Choose the services from the list, and the nearest Handiman expert will be at your doorstep quickly.
  • Post your task: Whatever services you wish to hire, you just need to post it in the app. Handiman has a wide network of experts and professionals with whom you can get connected directly and let them come to you with cost-effective offers.
  • Review offers for daily home jobs: With Handiman, you can check the profiles of workers. You can even chat with them anytime and also track them using the app map system.

The services offered by Handiman include,

  • Car Wash
  • Mobile Repair and Services
  • Pest Control
  • Carpenter
  • Dog sitter
  • Home Security
  • Electrician
  • Painting
  • Appliances Repair and Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Packers Movers
  • Deep Home Cleaning
  • Computers Repair and Services
  • Handiman
  • Gardening
  • Plumbing Services
  • TV Repair and Services
  • Washing Machine Repair and Services

Handiman is a widely popular home cleaning service application in the UK and London. There is no other app that offers this number of services as Handiman. There are numerous benefits of choosing Handiman over any other home service. These benefits are,

  • The app offers a simple and hassle-free registration process
  • Services offered by Handiman are budget-friendly
  • The help and support team is agile and very responsive
  • Multiple payment options i.e. Cash, plastic currency, online payments, etc
  • Highly intrusive and user-friendly UI
  • Multiple languages to choose from for a better understanding of the app

Benefits of using Handiman App over others

  • Wide range of services to choose from Handiman offers a plethora of best-in-class services for their customers including, painting, laundry, tradesman, cleaner, electrician, appliances, home security, gardener, dog sitter, plumbing, TV repair and servicing, pest control, movers and packers, car wash, and much more.
  • Now you can live track services with Handiman: Live tracking was available in food delivery apps and of course if you are using a cab booking service. But, Handiman has engulfed this feature in its app which allows you to keep a track of the status of your request on the application itself.
  • Book services and earn Gifts: Booking services with Handiman helps you earn rewards, and you can also get some outrageous benefits. You can earn gifts and extra cash on every single booking made on the Handiman app.
  • After service payment: There are no worries when it comes to payments. You can pay for the service as per your convenience. The payment can be done before or after the service is completed.
  • Refer and earn program: Referrals are a common thing now that is available in almost every other app. Handiman is no different in this matter. Whenever you refer this app to anyone or invite them, you can earn instant gifts efficiently.
  • Services are booked for free: Well, there is no surprise in this fact. Just like any other app for housecleaning services, you can book a service for free with Handiman as well.
  • Safe and highly secured services: With instant help for everyday house chores, Handiman makes it safe and secure for all its users to find help instantly.
  • Highly rated app: One of the key aspects that couldn’t be ignored about Handiman is that it connects you with millions of experts and has a spree of more than 3 million satisfied customers.

Handiman is one of the premier and largest networks in London that connects you with the right service provider effectively. The services range from the home advisor, home decor, and much more. The application has been rated with 5 stars on the Google Play Store and has been one of the favorites among users.

Conclusion: Now, you know what benefits you can reap from having the Handiman app on your smartphones for online home services. If you haven’t used the Handiman app yet, it is high time to use it now.


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