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The Zidoo X6 Pro, which has the strongest configuration today, is the Best Android TV Box around the world. Equipped with the powerful 64-bit Rockchip RK3368 64-bit chip, SGX6110 graphics processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop, the X6 Pro is able to handle heavy applications quickly and play well. Asphalt 8, Moderm Combat 5 … and run Bluray ISO files, 3D Bluray ISO for beautiful image quality, much better than the previous Android Box. The outer shell is made of aluminum alloy with plastic to create a smooth, firm and scratch-resistant cover.

he connection ports are designed very reasonably, alternating between the edges is a class of lines look very luxurious. The appearance of the Zidoo X6 Pro is well designed and beautiful The back panel of the Zidoo X6 includes a 5V / 2A power port, AV connection port, LAN port, HDMI port and Optical audio connection. The back of the Zidoo X6 is designed with full connectivity Interface and some special features on TV Box Zidoo X6 Pro The Zidoo X6 Pro runs the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system, like the MyGica ATV1900AC , Enybox EKB368, or Himedia H8, but comes with a stylish, easy-to-use ZIUI interface. This is always the strength of Zidoo compared to the other companies are clearly shown on Zidoo X1 , Zidoo X6 Pro and Zidoo X9 .

Beautiful and easy to use ZIUI interface on the X6 Pro Intelligent internal memory The other special thing is that the internal memory of the Zidoo X6 Pro is not divided into two parts: “Internal Storage” and “Nand Flash” as on other products that are unified in a single memory, It can be installed comfortably applications and games without worrying about all or full of memory as on the other Android Box . The internal memory of the Zidoo X6 Pro is intelligently designed to allow the user to comfortably place the application Zidoo RC Zidoo X6 Pro TV Box Controller application with Android phone Besides an indispensable application on the Zidoo product line is the Zidoo RC , which allows you to use your Android phone or tablet to control your Zidoo X6 Pro TV Box.

This can be used for the Zidoo X1 and Zidoo X9 series. Zidoo Remote Control application to control Zidoo X6 Pro via phone or tablet The “junk” application for Android Box is built into the Zidoo X6 Zidoo also designed a caching management application that cleans up junk files stored in the system, which is very convenient for users to clean up their system.

Because most devices running Android operating system after a time use will have junk files in the system and cached files, which will affect the system and make the machine run Slow down a lot. So sometimes the “sweep” in the system is what you should do when using the Android TV Box. The junk cleaner application is built into the Zidoo X6 Pro Set the protection code for the application with APP LOCK Like on Zidoo X1 and Zidoo X9 is Zidoo X6 Pro is also equipped with features “APP LOCK” used to set the lock password privacy applications or applications you do not want others to access.

This feature is great because if you want to control the baby in the house is not accessible to applications with content inappropriate for their age, or do not want the kid playing the important applications of you (missing children I do not know how to delete accidentally …) very simple, you just set the password for the application that is. The “APP LOCK” app gives you control over your private applications Uninstalling unused applications on Android TV Box is easy Zidoo always gives users the most convenience when using their product, as simple as uninstalling an app you do not want, just left-click and keep the icon of that application, will There is a message board asking if you would like this app to start up with the same machine or erase the data or completely remove the application, all of which is completely simplified on the X6 Pro .

Remove the application with a simple operation on the Android TV Box Zidoo X6 Pro You can also easily shut down applications running underground inside the Zidoo X6 Pro with just one simple operation, click the checkbox to turn off the application running under the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, running applications. Will appear, click on the X to turn off all, release the caching of the machine.

Click the X icon to turn off all applications running silently on your Zidoo X6 Pro TV Box Power off and timer power off feature A very smart feature on the Zidoo X6 Pro is the power off feature, although this is a small deal, but it is very important and less attention to manufacturers, but Zidoo is different, they are always careful. The meticulous detail in his product to make it more perfect than all.

Power off button with options such as power-off (turn off) , sleep mode temporarily (stand by) – for who want to keep the program running and quickly open the machine when necessary, restart (reboot ) , And a special feature only available on the Zidoo X6 Pro is the auto power off . The power button is fully designed with all the necessary features With automatic self-timer, you can set a self-timer to power off or fall into stand by, which is convenient for those who want to hear. Music or movies that sleep at night or do not want to limit the time watching TV, watching movies, playing games … the baby in the family.

Smart shutdown timer feature on Android Box Zidoo X6 Pro Android Box Zidoo X6 Pro has been licensed ROOT Besides, like other products, the Zidoo X6 Pro is also available with ROOT privilege so that users can freely install applications that require ROOT privileges without having to go online to find the ROOT machine. Again, very convenient for the user. Android Box X6 Pro has been licensed ROOT New firmware update automatically through OTA And one of the most important things that make the brand Zidoo reputation is the new firmware update over the Internet (OTA update) .

Users will not need to manually search for new firmware as well as how to update the firmware as on other product lines that will be fully automated on the current Zidoo products such as Zidoo. X1, Zidoo X6 Pro and Zidoo X9 . Updating the firmware automatically as this will help the user’s TV box more and more optimized, as each update from the manufacturer will fix the errors encountered in the previous version, and further upgrade. Other new features, besides Zidoo and Minix support this feature, the other TV Box series are not available or very limited.

Zidoo is always listening to comments from users to improve their products, so this is a great advantage compared to the other Android TV Box in the market today. The new firmware update over the network is only available on Zidoo products Experience the practicalities of Smart TV Box Zidoo X6 Pro Equipped with super expensive configuration, the processor 8-core chip RK3368, 8-core graphics chip SGX6110, Wifi cycle offline AC 2 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands most current for extreme speed wireless connection possible, and At the same time the LAN port also supports up to 1000 Mbps speeds , the Zidoo X6 Pro runs ultra-smooth online applications.

Watch free full-featured channels on popular Zidoo X6 Pro With the Zidoo X6 Pro, you can comfortably watch current popular TV channels and all for free, you will not need to pay a monthly subscription fee anymore. H broadcasts ình free e in full e brewed c evil k funnel Television ph bearings ến trIsrael X6 Pro You can also watch football matches played on current sports channels like Football TV, Sports TV, SCTV 15, SCTV Sports, VTC3 HD … Enjoy watching football matches on the Box Zidoo X6 Enjoy watching football matches on the X6 Pro Especially Zidoo X6 Pro is Zidoo designer a Kodi optimize all aspects, helping to better leverage the power of hardware, capable of decoding 3D, 4K better than the Kodi common.

The KODI version of the Zidoo X6 Pro runs extremely well with KODI addons With the power of hardware and software, Zidoo X6 Pro runs well in ISO, ISO 4K, ISO Bluray format video files . Zidoo X6 Pro runs Bluray ISO video file formats well The default Video Player of the Zidoo X6 Pro is able to run 3D ISO movies well or you can also use KODI on the X6 Pro to open this file format.

When wearing 3D glasses to watch 3D movies, you will feel the whole world as if you were spinning around. Excellent 3D ISO capability on the Zidoo X6 Pro Watch 4K video is extremely beautiful, extreme eyes on Zidoo X6 Pro Excellent 4K video quality on Android Box Zidoo X6 Pro 4K images are extremely authentic on the Android Box Zidoo X6 Or you can also enjoy huge movie repositories from movie sites like watch on computer. With the Box Zidoo X6, you can enjoy watching movies from websites like PCs Besides, you can also sing karaoke with Zidoo X6 Pro .

If your home already has an Amplifier karaoke, you will not need to buy a Karaoke headset, no need to buy a Karaoke CD that can be streamed live on the Zidoo X6 Pro. The fastest even when the latest Karaoke disc is not available, you can still easily find and sing on Zidoo X6 Pro through the Karaoke application or from YouTube … Karaoke singing comfortably through applications on the X6 Pro Another indispensable entertainment requirement is the ability to play games on the Zidoo X6 .

With the most powerful 8-core processor today, the X6 Pro has the ability to play smoothly all types of games, including the most powerful graphics today, such as Asphalt 8 , Modern Combat 5 , PSP … Asphalt 8 pole racing was on the Smart TV Box Zidoo X6 Pro Shoot the rage with the Modern Combat 5 game on the Zidoo X6 Pro There are many great apps and games that you can download from the Google Play Store (CH Play).

Great free app store from the Google Play store With the Zidoo X6 Pro , you can turn your regular TV into a super-smart TV. X6 Pro is the strongest and best Android TV Box . A top-class product at an extremely reasonable price, this is the most worthy TV box at the moment.

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