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Business – The Worst Holiday That Opened My Eyes

We were in high spirits as we prepared to alight from the express train to Belgaum, a small city in the outskirts of the Indian state of Karnataka. We were about to enjoy a two-week vacation at a small hill resort situated in the east of the city. We were warned that trains in India do not stop for very long at the stations and passengers had to be quick with themselves and their luggage. We got ourselves ready, my sister, my nephew and my niece and I were to get off the train. As the train stopped, we proceeded with the rest of the passengers to exit, in single file. The people in front of us practically leapt off. When it came to our turn, we were unable to even reach the exit for suddenly, there was a rush of people getting into the train, and they were all men, young men. It was as though they could not see us standing there in fear trying to break through to get off. I panicked, and the thought of missing our stop frightened me. What if we could not get off at any station?

My sister screamed at the men and glared hard at them. She managed to make way for the four of us to get onto the platform. Our luggage was flung our most unceremoniously a short distance away from where we stood. I swore quietly as we retrieved our bags. “Porter?” a wiry and aged Indian man in yellow head cloth and red loincloth asked instead sharply. Okay, but we shall need more than one man,” said my sister. The man spat out red betel juice and quickly lifted all our luggage, some bags he carried in his hands and others, he balanced upon his small head. He appeared extensively irrimucht my sister’s suggestion and hurried to the road outside the station where the buses waited. The old porter was so upset by the money my sister gave him that he spat betel juice close to my shoe. Bits of the spittle formed red dots on my brown shoe.0h, God!” I uttered, “What a frightful old man!” “Shut up, Freda.” Said my sister as she shoved us into the bus.

I began to regret wanting me to take a holiday in this part of the world. It seemed too remote from civilization that I began to miss the familiarity of the flatted apartments back home. Finally, we reached the resort.

It was beautiful. The rolling hills, the colorful scented flowers and the streams delighted us immensely. The food we were served at the resort was delicious and in generous portions. So it was at that for two days, we were so happy. It was not too bad, after all. However, the things moved for falling in the worse place. My niece and nephew fell ill from a mysterious ailment. They could hardly walk. The doctors could not find ell what it was. Then it began to rain. That effectively put an end to our holiday mood. The rain went on and on, day and night. “It’s like this when it rains here,” a bored waiter casually remarked to us one day. We were stuck in our rooms for the rest of the holiday. My niece and nephew thank-fully got better a few days before we had to leave.

As I alighted dizzily from the bus at the railway station, I vowed never to return to that place again.

Worst Moment That Changed My Life – Business Life 2020

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Pabbly Reviews 2020

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Final Thought

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