10 Biggest Clean Energy Stocks And There Works You Must Know

clean energy stocks

Investment in green energy has increased in the last ten years. Nowadays, you can get the best returns from investments done on clean energy stocks. In a few parameters, clean energy is similar to green energy. You can know them in the definition part.

The main reason why these stocks are giving outstanding results is due to their increasing relevance in the modern era. All brave investors are tilting towards these stocks in modern times. However, there are some of them who are still reluctant to do it.

Here, you can get information about the ten prominent green energy stocks. The best you can do is choose one and put it on your money with an expectation of high returns. Well, before that, you need to know about clean energy. Follow all the given points to know things better.

Clean Energy: Definition

Clean energy is often mixed with green energy but there is a slight difference between the two. You can consider clean energy to be something that produces a few air pollutants but it does not prominently pollute the environment.

Solar and wind energy are two prominent clean energies. These companies distribute electricity to many countries and you can consider them having lumpsum profits. So, you can rely on these clean energy stocks.

Top Ten Clean Energy Stocks And Their Works

Here is the list of the top ten stocks of clean energy that you can go through and invest in. These stocks can both improve your portfolio and give you proper returns. The best you can do is purchase some other stocks as well as include some from this list. This list contains some hydrogen stocks, that can be the best for getting the desired returns. Check out the list given here:

1.  Sunnova Energy International Stock

Sunnova Energy International Stock

Sunnova  (NYSE: NOVA) is a company that provides solar power to the houses of the US. So, it deals with eco-energy. Recently, the stocks of this company have gained up to 84.77%. in  2020, the market cap of the company has increased up to  $3.95 billion.

So, you can invest in one of the clean energy stocks. You would get outstanding returns and expect your stocks portfolio to be better.

2. Renesola Limited Stock

Renesola Limited Stock

Renesola Limited again is one of the best companies that deal with clean energy. In 2021 the company generated a revenue of $22.77 billion. Out of that, the company has $146 million at stake. So, you should be aware of the level of stocks to invest in with ReneSola. You can also expect to get returns like the nuclear energy from ReneSola.

3.  Plug Power Stock

Plug Power Stock

Plug Power is one of the prominent names when it comes to nuclear energy generation and green hydrogen generation. As per the condition of Plug Power Stocks, you can consider being the prominent one as the revenue of the company was 71.96  million in 2020 and the stock percentage grew up to 76.32%. So, you can choose Plug Power to purchase the green hydrogen stocks.

4. Tesla Stock

Tesla Stock

Tesla is a leading name when it comes to clean energy stocks. As of 2019 to the most recent, you can go through the stock stats of Tesla. The gross profit of Tesla was 1.39 billion in ‘19 and it has increased in the current year. So, you can buy the Tesla Stock can expect excellent returns.

5. BWXT Technologies Stock

The BWXT technology stock is one of the leading alternative energy stocks that you can purchase. The best you can do is buy its stock or compare it with the Clearway Energy Stock once. The present stock price of BWXT Technologies is 0,025 and you can buy it on a delayed quiet.

6. SunPower Corporation Stock

SunPower Corporation Stock

The SunPower Corporation is yet another company dealing with solar energy and its distribution. You can go with the SunPower Corporation Stock as it is one of the best in terms of growth. Moreover, the stake value of the company is $345 million.

7. First Solar Stock

First Solar Stock

The First Solar Stock is again one of the clean energy stocks you can invest in. You can rely on this stock as it has recently merged up with 24 hedge funds, The best you can do is buy a first solar stock when the prices are low.

8. Canadian Solar Inc. Stock

Canadian Solar  Inc. Stock

The Canadian Soalr Inc. Stock is quite famous in Canada and US as the company is highly reputed. The revenue of the company is $1.90 billion in 2021. Moreover, the growth of stock is 31.94%. You can get the best return gains by choosing the stocks of Canadian Solar Inc. Stock.

9. Vestas Wind Systems A/S Stock

Vestas Wind Systems AS Stock

The Vestas Wind Systems A/S Stock can be the best when it comes to clean energy stocks. As it is the leading company when it comes to wind energy generation, you can expect to get good returns from this stock.

As a matter of security, you should know that the Vestas Wind System has a market capitalization of $35.8 billion. Moreover, it has assets of up to $18. 16 billion.

10. Iberdrola SA Stock

Iberdrola SA Stock

The Iberdrola SA Stock competes with the high-ranking stocks in the energy industry. The best you can do is buy this stock and expect your returns to dramatically increase. The best you can do is check out the updated market capital and asset it has.

As of the recent information, you can check out that the recent market cap of this company is $83 billion. Moreover, the asset is nearly 122.5 billion.

As per the company’s knowledge, you can consider this as one of the multinational companies in the energy sect.

Final Words

When it comes to the stock market, you can choose a lot of stocks at a time to develop your portfolio. The best you can do is choose a clean energy stock and improve your portfolio and profit. However, expect everything to happen with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Best Renewable Energy Stock?

Ans: The SunPower  Corp and the Daqo New Energy Corp are the best renewable energy stocks. You can choose any one from them.

Q2. Is Clean Energy A Good Investment? 

Ans: Yes, Celan energy is a good investment as it is currently in trend. Moreover, the future of clean energy stocks is also alluring.

Q3. What Is The Best Energy Stock To Buy?

Ans: Marathon Petroleum Corp Stock is, for now, the best energy stock to buy. You can expect high returns from it.

Q4. Who Are The Largest Investors In Clean Energy?

Ans: China is the largest investor of green energy for now.

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