6 Crafts to Learn in 2022


As we head into 2022, many people will be looking for a new hobby to keep them occupied during their spare time. If this is you, you might be wondering what you can try in the new year. It’s always handy to learn something new, and crafts are particularly good as they offer transferable skills that be beneficial across all aspects of life. In addition, they’re fun and often easy to pick up.

There are countless crafts out there, ranging from candle-making and painting to crochet and paper art. We’ve put together a list of six crafts that are great fun and that will help you produce no-off items you can use as gifts or around the home. Keep reading if you’re looking to try something new in 2022.

1. Pottery

Many people overlook pottery as a craft because it seems hard and likes the type of thing you need to join a club for. Whilst it’s a good idea to join a club to learn how to throw clay, there are plenty of air-dry clay kits available that allow you to make small trinkets and get a feel for clay at home. This allows you to get used to how clay works and feels, and you can begin refining more intricate skills at your own pace.

When you get to grips with clay, you can make almost anything! From jars and mugs to lamps and ornaments, there are so many little home decorations you can make that are totally unique. Plus, when you learn pottery, you can also work on your painting skills, too.

2. Woodwork

When most people think of woodwork, they think of someone in a dusty workshop using a machine saw, but this isn’t always the case. Woodwork is an excellent skill to learn because it can be used for all manner of DIY and crafting projects, making it one of the most useful crafts you can learn in 2022.

When you know how to properly handle wood, you can do almost anything! You can learn how to make a wine rack or a custom chopping board for your kitchen, or you can go bigger and start making your own furniture. This truly is one of the most versatile crafts and is well worth looking into.

3. Embroidery

If you prefer something a little gentler but challenging, all the same, look at embroidery. It requires focus and precision but isn’t quite as physically taxing as pottery or woodwork. You can buy beginner kits online and there are all sorts of videos online for you to reference for different types of stitches. Embroidery patterns make great gifts and keepsakes, so if you like giving sentimental gifts to people, this is a great craft to be able to do so.

4. Resin

Over the last few months, the resin has really picked up and gained popularity, and for good reason. It’s not massively difficult to learn but allows you to create almost anything., from keyrings and trinket trays to paperweights and coasters. If you like making smaller items and have an eye for detail, the resin is the craft for you.

5. Flower Arranging

Flowers are undeniably beautiful, but flower arranging can be difficult. For those who appreciate nature in its finest form, flower arranging is a lovely craft to learn. You can make everything from bouquets and garlands to simple bunches and wreaths. It could even be something you monetize – people will always need flowers for special occasions and home décor.

6. Glass Blowing

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, glass blowing is well worth trying out. It’s certainly difficult for a novice and takes time to perfect, but the results are incredible. Glass blowing is often overlooked as a craft, but there are plenty of workshops and clubs out there that will teach you how to do it properly. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to make impressive baubles unique to you – lovely!


Will you be trying any of these crafts in 2022? If so, which ones?

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