10 Rising Digital Commerce Trends 2020

Digital Commerce Trends

Ecommerce businesses have been gaining all the prominence for the last couple of years. And rightfully so. The best part about running an e-commerce business is that you can operate from the comforts of your house as well. Or for that matter, any place you wish. Here are are sharing some informative tips for Digital Commerce Trends in 2020.

AR Enhancing Online Shopping

Where AR aka Augmented Reality is changing the way that many industries operate, online shopping is no exception. The many ways that AR is facilitating the online shoppers is by reducing the ambiguity. Moreover, it allows shoppers to visualize themselves in a certain outfit or jewelry piece so that they can trust e-commerce more. Because we all know that we don’t trust online shopping when it comes to clothes. Mostly because of the confusion regarding the sizes and how they will look.

However, online shopping does not only concern clothes alone. Purchasing groceries online, buying gadgets, and ordering food, everything comes under the head. Since the time that smart speakers gained popularity people have actively used them to just speak and place orders. Hence, making the whole online shopping experience convenient, efficient, and hassle-free.

AI and Learning

Apart from AR, AI also plays an integral part in making the shopping experience better. When brick and mortar stores were the only places that people went shopping for, assistants and in-store associates would guide you through. However, online shopping changes this. As you did not have any associates walk with you and help you with finding stuff or answer any of your concerns.

But the trend changed with the introduction of AI and machine learning. As retailers are continuously looking for ways to enhance the personalization experience for the customers. Some of the many things that AI is facilitating the retailers with are:

  • Helping companies connect the real-time insights with customer data aimed at improving the shopping experience
  • Optimization of prices, demand, and forecasting
  • Helping businesses to learn more about their customers. Thus allowing retailers to provide a customized experience to shoppers
  • Automation of tasks including customer support where chatbots answer all queries 24/7

Big Data and Personalization

When it comes o personalization, different experts share different views. Where many experts support the whole idea, others are skeptical about the online security of the shoppers. Personalization will soon make its way to the Internet of Things is what expert Luis Catter believes.

Chatbots and Improved Shopping Experiences

As technology is evolving, machines are taking over the roles of humans. This is both a good and bad thing. Good, because companies do not have to hire people for every possible thing. Which means that businesses can save costs as well. However, it is bad news for the people who are getting replaced by machines. The future for human beings does not look that promising fi machines will start doing everything.

What companies are using to their benefit these days are chatbots. These automated machines use AI and machine learning to gather data. After collecting enough of it, they reply to queries and chat with humans just like other humans would. The best thing about chatbots is that they do not get tired and operate 24/7. Moreover, companies do not have to pay their salaries.

Mobile Shopping Going Strong

Laptops and tablets are all good for online shopping purposes but nothing beats the mobile phones. Because individuals can shop online through these devices no matter where they are. Shopping from anywhere is one of the biggest blessings that e-commerce has to offer to shoppers. And this trend continues to rise this year as well.

However, there is a takeaway for the retailers in this trend as well. They should make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly. Because a site, not that laptop-friendly might be able to survive but a website that does not entertain the mobile audiences well won’t be able to.

e-commerce businesses across the globe are doing the best they can to provide mobile users with the best possible shopping experience. Retailers are not only paying attention to the product displays now but also the chat feature. Hence, providing shoppers with the most convenient, portable, and efficient way of shopping.

Growing Voice Search

According to researches, around 75% of American households will have smart speakers by 2025. Do you know what that means? This implies that e-commerce businesses will be receiving more voice search queries than before. The trend is already on the rise. However, it will only go up from this point. People are increasingly relying on these voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

And there is a valid reason why these devices are becoming so popular. They offer ease of looking for things online while you are multi-tasking. Which makes it individuals’ best friends especially those who have a busy lifestyle. However, e-commerce businesses should also tap this opportunity and try to offer convenience to customers using the voice search feature as much as possible.

More Ways to Pay

With passing time, other options to pay are coming up as well. There was a time when shoppers could only use a single method or two at the most. But today, shoppers have a plethora of options available. Thus, making online shopping more flexible. More of these payment options are available for mobile users, who also happen to be greater in number than individuals shopping through laptops. Consumers are ditching the more complicated methods for an easy one.

For the latter that means that they do not have to enter a lot of information or their data while using an online payment method. This also helps the individuals to have trust in these methods. It is for this reason that businesses save some information like the name, city, and other general information about the customers when they purchase from them. In this way, the customers do not have to go through the hassle of entering the information every time.

If you run an e-commerce business as well, you should keep an eye on all times Charter Internet plan, laptop, and information regarding all the latest business trends. And try to incorporate them into your business as soon as possible. Because you do not want to lose your customers.

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