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Do You Want to Move to Denmark With Your Children?

Zealand, which is one of the largest and also the most populous islands of Denmark lies between the Baltic Sea and Kattegat. It is separated from Sweden just by The Sound and from Funen island by the Great Belt.

One of the first things that often surprises most of the ex-pats moving into Denmark is the equality level. The welfare system will ensure that citizens can have access to almost everything right from education to free healthcare facilities, and the social safety net will ensure that nobody will end up as poor. There is a very low crime or unemployment rate here. 

This makes Denmark one of the safest choices for many ex-pats who are looking for work opportunities in the European Union. They are sure that their children and spouse will get a good foundation to settle down and also feel at home quickly.

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The following are a few things that you must know if you are planning to move to Denmark.

In Denmark, work-life balance is one of the business priority 

Denmark is a very small country and largely dependent on exports, and well-trained ex-pats are highly-needed as a part of their workforce. All Danish companies prioritize new international recruitments and try to settle them down.

One thing that helps them relocate easily to Denmark is the focus given on work-life balance. In all companies, you will find a flexible workweek where the boss trusts their workers enough and allow them to schedule their work hours in whatever way that can fit their family life. 

It is quite common to find people are leaving their job at 3 pm and picking up their kids from school and thereafter catching up with their work by working from home again in the evening.

Get comfortable and cozy with Danish ”hygge”

Hygge is one famous Danish expression closely connected with their consistent top-3 world rankings in happiness reports for the last 10 years. Hygge describes a coziness mood and comfortable conviviality with feelings of contentment and wellness.

The ex-pat community actually has taken this very seriously and expects a welcome with open arms from the people of Denmark whether it is in the social event, local football club, or at your children’s school, and at the new workplace.

Danish education for your children 

In Denmark, compulsory education starts at the age of 6. Therefore, your children have to participate in educational training in any public school or a private school. Quite a few also opt for homeschooling, but very few prefer this option as the quality of education provided at schools in Denmark is very high. 

It is not mandatory, but a majority of children attend daycare during early years, starting from nurseries right from the age of one and kindergarten start at the age of three.