Dragon Boat Racing

When it comes to retaining the best workers and generating optimal output in the workplace, financial incentives go a long way. However, it not only about money, there are also other factors which contribute to enhancing productivity at the workplace. Loyalty, integration, and inspiration are the mantras needed to build an efficient workforce and foster a conducive working environment. Team building exercises such as Dragon boat racing help cement these values.

Dragon boat racing originates from the southern parts of China and has been in existence for over 20 centuries. The dragon boat racing has long been a sport with spiritual importance to most Asia nations such as China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. Its modern origins can be traced to Hong Kong in 1976 and has since then rapidly become popular as a team building corporate event.

Most successful businesses already know the importance of team building activities not only for a healthy work environment but also for employees. If given a supportive environment and leisure, workers’ productivity have been known to improve exponentially. This demand has led to the growing Dragon boat racing industry all around the globe. With most of them catering to corporate needs, fundraising, leisure, etc. These races are typically 500 m in distance, but 200 m, 1000 m and 2000 m are also standard intervals.

Most of these Dragon boats racing operatives offer boats designed and crafted with bamboo to carry the charm of this old Chinese custom in a modern scenic environment. These boats depending on the length will take 10 to 50 people, including a drummer at the fore and a sweep at the aft. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are needed to steer the boat together give the added difficulty of the different body shapes of any group of company employees.

Dragon boat racing thus helps to maintain team spirit, use teamwork to attain a target, improve personal well-being, and increase understanding of working within a team.

Some operatives have the option of a traditional lion dance and the Chinese eye-dotting ceremony. There are also facilities for video editing and the opportunity to try exquisite Oriental cuisine in between sessions.

For companies, arranging a Dragon boat racing event will always be a welcome break away from the pressures of office work. This is because it is an energetic activity which takes place in a serene surrounding, giving participants the best of both worlds. This results in increasing employee’s creativity, energy levels, enthusiasm, and focus. All the necessary characteristics needed for an establishment to thrive.

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