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Moving Into Your New Home
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Five Helpful Ways to Cut All The Pain From Moving Into Your New Home

Moving is a Schrodinger’s cat, and it is equally exciting and stressful for you to undertake. Unlike the vast randomness and uncertainty of the theorem, you have much more control over the situation. Meaning you can adjust the level of pain you have to suffer going through the moving process. Despite the pain, moving places is rewarding, gives you a new perspective of life, and enables you to do more in your daily life. This reward releases long-term dopamine, meaning that this reward simulates as if you have won a gold medal in the Olympics or placed first in the class. Unlike nicotine-induced dopamine, the long reward that you get after moving a place is natural and lasts as long as months.

  • Cope Up Well With The Moving Process

As primates, we are not beyond any feelings or emotions that will occur during a moving process. Any other primates also go through some extent of hardship before migrating to a new land. By evolution, we maintain a deep connection of our mental well being with our existence in our natural habitat. Research has proved to us many times that we experience pain in much greater magnitude under the condition where our mental state is upset or saddened.

This result applies to everyone who is to relocate their home or office to a new place. Some degree of mental fatigue, concern, nervous breakdown is bound to happen. This effect may not be instantaneous, but over time the results will reflect on your life.

First of all, if you are moving from a neighborhood where you were very much familiar with and fond of local friends over there, it will strain tons of mental happiness just from the concept of moving into a new home. Your task is to repeatedly communicate with your mind, ensuring you comprehend what may happen while leaving your friendly neighbors behind.

Meditation helps. If you do yoga, do it more before moving out of the old place. Every time you close your eyes to concentrate on a particular yoga pose, think about the new location, find yourself waking up from bed, using washrooms, having dinners, having new friends in your new place. Not a yoga fan? Do this contemplation during a workout or before going to sleep.

The moving process is just not going from point A to point B physically. Your mental particles have to be aligned well, otherwise moving to a new place can become a horrible nightmare that may last forever until you carry to another location once again.

  • Recycle Smartly

No move in the history of time has happened where we have not discarded something old and not replaced it with either new or nothing at all. Even if you think you have not discarded an item physically, you sure do have that old mattress, showpieces, appliances already removed from your mind, where you will put that thing in the garbage in a matter of months, if not days.

You ought to figure out that specific set of an object which is in your throw out list. Try to categorize them in order. It will surprise you to see the items made into the plan.

While all these are happening, please keep the environment in mind. We are immensely hurting nature every second by polluting and leaving a carbon footprint behind. Be open to selling those items first. Someone in the universe undoubtedly has put those unfortunate items on their to-buy list.

Use social media as a catalyst of the selling process almost all platforms offer a marketplace nowadays. Alternatively, arrange a yard sale, price it right, and people will take your item and pay you for it.

  • Pack Smartly For The Move

Packing is an integral part of the physical aspect of moving your home or office. The main goal is to preserve items as much as possible. You may be amazed to see how fast you run out of cardboard boxes. Ergo, always have more than you need.

Do not shove kinds of stuff inside a box. Use your common sense, mark boxes for separate rooms, label them. Well, the very last thing you want is to find toothpaste buried well under the box where most of your antique pieces are.

Be brave and have a packing area where you process sorting and organize the pack. This way, you could separate the essential box, which will make your moving process much more manageable.

  • Move By Yourself Effectively

In case you are moving by yourself, a few steps to follow, starting from renting out a removal van. Depending on your location, there should be an option to rent a van to use it as a removal van. You can make your move out cost-effective by choosing an off-peak season for your relocation. Additionally, you may want to plan this well since no professional help will be there to assist you.

Wake early to start this process by dodging the heavy traffic on a highway. Pack your moving truck with at least one helpful person you can trust. This way, stacking all the boxes will be more comfortable. Disassemble your furniture using instruction manuals. There must be great videos online on how to disassemble a unit if stuck.

You will need four-wheel dollys, hand trucks, or hemp straps, depending on your items. Plan well ahead of how you and your friend can do it by yourselves.

Drive the van to your new home/office, unload it carefully, and finally return the van to the owner.

  • Select An Ideal Moving Company For Your Move

In the first phase, you need to research the ideal moving company near your place. The internet is the only feasible place to do this nowadays. On Google, type down “packing service near me.” Any packing service automatically comes up with removal van options; hence these tricks will land on the right pages you need to research.

Browse at least 3-5 sites which are on top and is not a sponsored ad. A good moving company will have video testimonials instead of spammy written testimonials. Additionally, a good moving company will have a direct call option from their site, talk to a person, and see if they do an in-home estimate. If not, move on to the next company.

Have the company representative come to your home and give you an estimate based on your rooms rather than cubic feet. Trial for at least three in-house forecasts and pick the one you find reasonable in all aspects.

Finalize a deal and try your best to move with the mover on the van. Keep in mind when movers are unloading your stuff; stay out of their way. You do not need to offer them any help as they are professionals doing their tasks. But you are always more than welcome to provide the movers generous tips anytime.