Gifting Your Favorite Outdoor Enthusiast

Outdoor Enthusiast

It’s that time of year to start thinking about gifting. Whether it’s for a birthday or a holiday, you can make a thoughtful impression on your loved ones with a gift that matches their personality.

Outdoor enthusiasts are a unique bunch and are sometimes difficult to buy for. They tend to be adventurous, resilient, and headstrong. Assembled below is a list of gifts to choose from designed to impress and harmonize with your loved one’s sense of outdoor enthusiasm.


Black Diamond Head Lamp

Most of the time, being outdoors means not having enough light. Whether it’s dusk or dawn, cloudy or even nighttime, your outdoor enthusiast has a definitive need to create optimal lighting. This spot headlight has a variety of strengths that range from dim, strobe, distance, red night-vision, and full power. Bonus, it’s also waterproof.

Polarized Sunglasses

When skin burns after a couple of hours of sun exposure, imagine what it is doing to the eyes. Polarized refers to a filter that is created allowing only vertical openings for light. This means that polarized sunglasses will block all light waves that bounce off of a pond, car hood, etc., creating less visual noise, and making it easier to see.

Quick Dry Towe

Get one made of quick-dry microfiber material. People with the spirit of adventure who are always on the trail will find a great use for this gift. It might be used during humid hikes or after a splash in a mountain lake. 

Gift Card

Your bold outdoor enthusiast deserves a gift card that will offer thousands of choices for making their time in nature more comfortable, healthier, and possibly even more adventurous. Available to use at millions of retailers worldwide, a gift card offers the gift of blissful choice.

Healthy Snacks

When adventuring in the great outdoors, it’s protein and energy that your enthusiast needs. Assemble a basket of wholesome snacks such as Kind Bars, Clif Bars, Jerky (both meat and vegan varieties), Gu Gels, and Trail Mix. Available in small packages they are easy to grab, easy to eat, and will easily replace all of those calories that have been burned along the way.

Sun Bum Sunscreen

Not only does this smell like summer, but it’s also 30 SPF so it’s going to protect, moisturize, and be your best bud’s best bud all season long. Packed with vitamin E it’s also water-resistant, oil-free, and for those highly adventurous folk, reef-friendly.


If hikers know one thing, it’s that you can never have too many carabiners. They are versatile, practical, and hook onto just about anything. Use them to strap things like water bottles onto a backpack, hold up a tent, hang wet clothes to dry, the options are seriously endless.

Sneaker Balls

Not just for sneakers, also for hiking boots and any footwear your enthusiast wears outside that get muddy and stinky. Spending a lot of time outdoors means working up foot sweat, and that means shoes/boots/sneakers get damp, and well, smelly. Help your enthusiast feel rejuvenated with this realistic, practical gift.

Trekking Poles

A pair of trekking poles like the Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles offers a cork grip and support for people who may need it. Ideal for anyone hiking any grade, they are suitable for all weather conditions and are adjustable to adapt to the user’s height and stride.

Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair

The keyword here is “ultralight” as any hiker/camper knows, the less a pack weighs, the longer you can trek. At just about 1.2 pounds it’s very light and all packed up is smaller than a water bottle. It can hold up to 265 lb., and setup is lightning fast so they can take a breather right when they need to.

The North Face E-Tip Gloves

Bundling up for snowy, windy climates isn’t how it used to be. In the past, it took a good long time to unravel yourself from the scarves, coats, undercoats, gloves, hats, masks, etc. Now that technology has gripped us, we need something that allows us to stay ‘assembled’ while also providing the ability to make a call, send a text or turn on some music. These e-tip gloves allow just this, so your outdoor enthusiast won’t have to fumble about.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Available in a number of different colors, this water bottle is spill free, offers a wide mouth that can easily be filled with ice, has a TempShield so hands don’t get too hot or cold, and double-wall stainless steel construction to keep liquid at the temperature they prefer.

Support your outdoor enthusiast with a gift that encourages them to wander more and worry less. Items that enhance their experience in nature will bring a smile to their face, and gratitude to their soul.

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