Grow Your Brand: Get Started With Reels In 2022


Instagram reels are something that is making quite some wave in the Instagram community now!

If you are scrolling through Instagram endlessly, getting addicted to these reels hour by hour, you must have some temptation to create your own reel!


Well, that is the big question!

Well, yes you can open your camera and record something, but how are you going to ensure that it is attractive enough for you to gain a new following.

If this is your wonderment, then you do not have to worry anymore.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about different ways in which you could get started in an Instagram reel, and how you are going to make your Instagram reels more attractive for everyone in the Instagram world.

This is why what you need is a little knowledge of the basics, and a little push to start making your first series of reels and gain Instagram following.

What Are Instagram Reels?

What Are Instagram Reels?

So, we have stories before!

Yes, we still do!

However, the only complaint that everyone had about Instagram stories was just one!

They are not lobe enough to bring out the entire essence of creativity.

Thus, came Instagram Reels!

Now with reels,  you will have much longer times to express your creativity. They could be entire videos, and you can also collaborate with other artists.

Isn’t that exciting!

How To Make Good Instagram Reels

How To Make Good Instagram Reels

These are some of the ways in which you could be making some of the great Instagram reels.

The kind that will bend followers towards you!

1. Do Not Forget The Texts

If you want your Instagram reels to be informative along with being attractive!

It cannot be all video without any context. Thus, what you need is big bold text, which provides information, but at the same time gives character to your videos.

2. Do Not Copy Contents

There is nothing better than giving a unique original content!

Today people are using so much social media, there will be someone who will understand if the content is copied.

Especially, if you are not giving any credit!

3. Build A Suspense

Rather than posting one video and calling it a day, you can create a mini-series by posting five at a scheduled time.

However, ensure that they are not too long.

Do not make them more than 30 seconds!

4. Do Not Post From Other Platforms

Instagram analytics has shown that reels that are copied from another platform are not getting much recognition.

So, you either make original content or simply find a way to remove the watermark.

5. Be The First To Follow Trends

Whenever there is a new trend looming in the internet corner, do not be the hundredth video to follow that trend.

Be like the second or third!

Seeing a fresh new trend is always exciting.

6. Use Stories To Promote

If you are using stories to promote your reels, you are doing a great job!

This is a good way to create suspense among your followers!

They will be waiting for the reel now.

7. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to create more exposure for your reels!

They will help you reach out to new audiences, and even brands if you give them a free shoutout in your unique style.

8. Collaborate With Others

You are not supposed to stay isolated when it comes to social media.

Therefore, try to get into collaboration with other creators of the same niche. You will get new exposure, your audience will get new content.

It is a win-win!

9. Use The Best Music

Ornament your reels with the best music!

Swear music can make any natural mundane video ten times better.

You can either add them from the files or add an original one.

10. Do Not Make Them Too Long

Yes, we know!

Wasn’t the point of Instagram reels was to have longer videos!

However, if you are posting daily nothing should be more than 2 minutes. People do not have too much attention span.

Use It Wisely!

The Instagram reel is a gift!

If you use it wisely and do not bombard your followers with a video every minute, you are good to go.

Ensure that your creativity is not going to waste!

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