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How is Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 helpful?

We all know that PowerPoint is a presentation program that Microsoft offers. Along with Word and Excel, PowerPoint is also included in the Office suite. Using this platform, you can create a business presentation and presentations for informal or educational purposes. The presentation created consists of slides that may either contain text, images, audio, or even videos.

What are the new features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019?

The updated version of PowerPoint has many new features that will help you create a more effective and visually appealing presentation. Given below are some of the features offered by Microsoft PowerPoint 2019:

  • SVGs: To enhance the visual ability of your presentation, you can add and edit the SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics). You can even change the color and resize the SVG image.


  • Zoom: This feature allows you to emphasize a particular part of the presentation by grouping a set of slides and toggling between them. It allows you to jump from/to a particular slide, section, or a portion of the presentation as per your need. 


  • Charts: The new funnel and map chart types help you to present the hierarchical and geographical data in a much improvised and chronological way.


  • Record: A very special tool to record the audio and video for better presentation has been introduced in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. You can record the presentation along with its narration, hence, reducing the efforts.


  • Digital Ink: Like the other Office applications, PowerPoint also has a digital ink feature for drawing a shape in a natural way using the digital pen, pencil, or highlighter and convert them into a particular shape, text, or even a mathematical expression.


  • 3D Models: To create creative and visual influence, 3D images are one of the best choices. You view a 3D image from any angle up to 360 degrees.


  • Text Highlighter: This tool is added keeping in mind the Word application. Like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint also has a highlighter that can be used to highlight a specific portion of the text and draw the focus of the audience.


  • Morph Transition: This new transition type allows a smooth animation from one slide to another.


  • Export to 4K Video: While exporting your presentation in the form of a video, the quality of that videos can be of 4K resolution now.


  • Background Removal: The process of background removal has been made much easier now. You can draw the lines around the required area instead of straight lines to remove the unwanted portion of the image.


  • Slide Show with a Digital Pen: You can control the flow of your presentation using a Surface pen or a pen that has a Bluetooth connection.

What advantages does Microsoft PowerPoint offer?

Microsoft PowerPoint is still the most effective presentation program and therefore, is still used on a large basis. It offers a better understanding of the topic to the audience in a practical and approachable manner. Hence, it’s widely used for data visualization. People still use PowerPoint for many reasons, some of them are mentioned in the following point:

  • Managing the information becomes easier.
  • You can create a visually effective presentation.
  • It allows you to share the presentation with others.
  • You can work with others in a collaborative manner.
  • It allows them to control the flow of the presentation.
  • The created presentation can be customized as per the need.
  • Due to its outstanding visual properties, it helps in drawing the audience’s attention.
  • It offers Presenter view for having your notes on one screen while you have the presentation on the other.


Since the introduction of this presentation platform, it’s enhancing and updating itself in a noticeable manner. The recent version of Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, has made it more user-friendly and effective. You can convey your information with a much appealing and presentable approach. If you are interested in learning about Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 or if you are planning to get a Microsoft certification in the respective platform, you must refer to the course offered by uCertify. This course prepares you well for the certification exam, Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (MO-300). It provides you cloud-based labs that are similar to the real-world platform and offers the same experience. You can enhance your presentation skills with the help of these labs. All the items of the course are entirely based on the certification exam. They cover topics like creating a presentation, formatting, working with shapes and images, working with charts and tables, advanced formatting, customization, and many more. To enhance your skills and work on the basic concepts of presentation, don’t forget to check out our amazing Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 course!

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