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Open A Deadbolt Lock
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How To Open A Deadbolt Lock With A Screwdriver

Open A Deadbolt Lock With A Screwdriver: Many locks are hard to open with just a key or a personal lock pick. Others are more challenging to crack with a screwdriver or flat head screwdriver. In most cases, a basic key can usually be opened using common sense, a ratchet, or a short hammer. If you have trouble with a stubborn lock, consider a professional locksmith. Most of the time, a simple adjustment is enough to open it with a flathead screwdriver. If you find yourself locked out of the house, this article will show you how to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver.

First, take out the bolt that holds the door lock in place on the deadbolt. On some models, this is located inside the frame of the door. To remove it, pull the door outward, and look inside the lock recess. There will be two or more plastic pieces with a slot in between them, with bump keys or tumblers sitting in a tiny hole in the center. You can’t access this piece without removing the rest of the lock (but don’t worry, the key or tumbler won’t move a lot when you do).

To remove the key from the Bobby pin, insert the end of a flathead screwdriver between the two plastic pieces of the lock, lifting it out of its recess. If you’re using a professional locksmith, he will likely have other options for removing the key from the Bobby pin. However, for the purposes of this how-to, we’ll assume you are able to work on the lock without help. Again, the key will go through a small slot in the tumbler and then into another slot designed to accept an everyday key. In order to remove the key from the Bobby pin without damaging the lock itself, take your time and carefully turn the screw counterclockwise until you loosen it enough to be able to turn it out by hand. Once the screw is loosened enough, it will lift off the pin and remove it, allowing you to take the key out by hand.

Another common lock picking method used by burglars is to use an impact wrench to pry off the deadbolt. Because the lock is attached to the frame using screws, this is a very difficult task for a nonprofessional locksmith. It is possible, however, to get the job done with your own tools by using a flathead screwdriver between the frame and the deadbolt, though it is much more difficult to do so safely.

One of the most commonly used methods to open a locked door is to use a driving force or twisting motion with the heel of your palm. To do this, insert the key you are removing into the lock’s looping mechanism by depressing the retaining clip that holds the key in place. You must face the knob while you are pulling the screwdriver out, which means that you should not look down into the hole in the knob. This can cause accidental damage to the mechanism. If you cannot see the screwdriver head either, look down into the hole in the door jamb. The idea is to look up and see whether or not there are any lamb shanks or rough areas that can act as a weak spot for the driving force and cause the key to fail to grip the lock.

Another option for how to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver is to use a suitable key-striking tool. These devices are available at most home supply and security retailers and are designed to strip screws from their surfaces by applying a thin layer of penetrating oil. Once the oil has begun to penetrate the surface, a slim, tapered point is pushed into the screw and a bit of leverage is applied to turn the tool’s head around so that it can enter the locking mechanism from the opposite side. Once the screwdriver head is turned, the mechanism becomes open and the lock can be left in place.

If the above does not work, your other option may be to use one Bobby pin punch. These tools are also called “key punching tools” and come in the form of small metal cylinders with a small hook on the end. The tool’s tip is designed to push into a key slot while drawing a pin that fits inside the cylinder. When the pin pushes into the slot, the edge of the cylinder and the screw threads become exposed, allowing the key to be pulled out by turning the tool’s head. However, since only one Bobby pin punch is required to operate this method, the method does not work well for locks with more than one Bobby pin.

To completely open a door using a flathead screwdriver, you will need to use a pair of pliers that are slightly bigger than the screwdriver’s head. These pliers are known as “open-end pliers,” and their jaws are designed to grip the shaft of the screw inside the lock’s head slot. Because you do not want the screwdriver to leave the lock’s head, take the time to ensure that the pliers are wide enough. Pliers that are too narrow will not fit into the tightest of spaces, and those that are too wide will not provide a good grip on the screw. With the pliers open, turn the screwdriver’s head until it enters the top of the lock’s slot, and then pull it out. You should hear a click as the screwdriver exits the lock’s body, and your key should be able to enter the lock easily once you have extracted it from the body of the lock.