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Remove failing Fan Clutch
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How to Remove a Bad Or failing Fan Clutch From Your Heating Appliance

A universal fan wrench set includes an adjusting wrench and a turning wrench, both of them used in conjunction with each other to remove a fan clutch from a pulley hub. The turning wrench is used to loosen the tension engagement of the motor-driven fan assembly, while the holding nut wrench is used to release the mounting nut. Turning the wrench in a clockwise direction, as well as slightly counterclockwise, loosens the mounting nut enough to be able to remove it without locking the assembly in place. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to change the speed of your fan.

Two types of wrenches are available for changing the speed of an internal combustion engine (ICE) or fan clutch assembly. These are: Non-slip Wrenches and Spaced Wrenches. Non-slip wrenches are generally preferred because they do not have the ability to slip on the belt during the changeover. Spaced wrenches are used with fan clutches to make changes that are more detailed and require greater focus. Both types of wrenches come in different sizes so that they can be used for different applications.

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Non-slip wrenches feature a double or triple-sided tapered pattern that helps reduce the amount of friction that develops between the wrench’s teeth. They have the ability to slip on the belt, but only when the nuts are tightly tightened. Thus, they are mostly used when the clutch mechanism is located in the center of the shaft of an engine or a gear-changing device. However, they can be used on shafts that are either side-loaded or cross-loaded. This makes them excellent choices for changing fan clutches on engine blocks that are positioned outside the center of the shaft.

Non-slip water pump wrenches feature a solid arm design that prevents slipping when the nut is tightened. They are ideal for changing water pump pulleys because they are much stronger than fixed jaw wrenches. The adjustable jaw feature of fixed jaw wrenches makes it difficult to change the level of water flow in the engine’s pump. However, adjustable jaw wrenches allow you to place your hand above the pulley while tightening the nut.

Figuring out how to remove a fan clutch using this method is simple. The first step involves loosening all the bolts from the radiator fan body so that the wiring can be disconnected from the bearing. Then you need to remove the three screws holding the bearing to the engine block. Once you have disconnected the bearing, you can disconnect the wiring by removing the wires that are fastened to the brass screw. You can use the adjusting screws that are located at the back of the pulley to guide the turning mechanism.

To remove fan clutches from engines without using water pump tools, you have to turn off the engine and depress the water pump button. After this, loosen the nut securing the clutch onto the mounting plate. Loosen the wing nuts to loosen them from the frame.

To remove the water pump pulley, you need to open the engine compartment and see the large nut at the back. You have to remove this large nut and pull it out. If it is not easy to remove, you can use a pair of locking pliers to do the job. Once you have removed the large nut, you will see that there are three wires harness on each side of it. These wires provide power to the fan clutch assembly.

When you remove these wires, make sure you unplug the water pump pulley first and keep the new nut in its place. After removing all the nuts, you will see that the wires are connected to a large bracket that will form the base of the new fan clutch assembly. Line up the wires and remove the old fan clutch assembly from the mounting bracket. Place the new one on the mounting bracket and secure it with the nuts provided.