Step By Step Guide: How To Remove Graphics Card

how to remove graphics card

In case you are not aware yet, graphics cards are from one of the biggest workhorses on your computer especially if you are a big fan of gaming.  If you are a gaming enthusiast then you need to prepare yourself for frequent graphics card upgrades.  In some cases, you might even find yourself asking yourself how to remove graphics card.  

The reason why this knowledge is so essential is because of how frequently you are going to keep changing your graphics card.  Even though you can stretch the life of your graphics card this can offer so little help.  At the end of the day, you will still be looking for a way on how to remove graphics card drivers regardless of the nature of your graphics card.  

Removing And Updating Your Graphics Card Is Easier Than You Think 

There is only one reason why people seek to know how to remove the graphics cards and that is when they want to install another card.  To this, many people have been considering these procedures to be so complicated which is not entirely true.  

The process of removing graphics and installing a new one in place is not that easy.  You only need to master a few processes and you will be good to go with it.  If you have been looking for a way on how to remove graphics card then consider the process below.  

Step 1: Try And Balance Your Budget Against Power 

If you are not so careful then you might find your graphics card being the most expensive part of your computer.  However, that does not need to be the case and in case it does then it will be unnecessary, to say the least.  There are so many mid-range cards you can find out here which provide greater efficiency if that is what you need.  

As such, if you are looking for a good disk that offers you much efficiency then a midrange one can work out well for you.  However, before you buy any, you need to take time and assess your needs carefully. Make sure that you are getting something that is totally compatible with whatever needs you to have for your games. 

Step 2: Open Your Computer Case 

It is assumed that by now you have a disk that best fits whatever needs you to have.  From here, the next thing that should follow is knowing how to remove graphics card and, in their place, fit a new one.  Now you are good to go, start by removing the side panel on your computer.  Doing this is much simpler, you only need to start by loosening the thumbscrews located on the back 

The kind of panel you are removing here is that which is located right opposite the motherboard on your computer settings.  However, if you are using a laptop then you need to be informed that updating the graphics card is much easier said than done.  

Step 3: Carry Out A Proper Examination Of Your Power Supply 

There are some components of your computer which draw more power and a graphic card is just one of them. As such, before removing the existing graphics card and putting in place a new one you need to make sure that your card can handle your new power supply demands.  

Different types of cards tend to have different power consumption rates. As such, it is important for you to make sure that the kind of card you are buying fits your current power requirements.  If there is a mismatch in the power consumption rate then that might lead to some kind of problems in the end.  

Step 4: Take Measurements Of Where Exactly The Graphics Card Goes To 

Graphics have gotten large in recent days.  As such, before even asking how to remove the graphics card from the motherboard and put a new one in place you need to consider the issue of space.  If you have a small space with a very tight casing then fitting a new graphics card in place might not be such an easy thing for you.  

As such, before removing your existing graphics card, take time to measure the one you have and record down the measurements.  Doing so will enable you to attain the required compatibility with your new graphics card. If not so, you might find yourself having to struggle a lot getting a new graphics card in place of your old one.  

Step 5: Check The Motherboard Compatibility 

The other thing you want to do is make sure that your motherboard is well compatible with your new graphics card. The good thing is that almost all graphics cards can run on a PCIe interface.  If you purchased your computer about ten years ago then there is a chance it uses PCI.  However, if you are trying to remove your graphics card on a very old computer then you might have to stick with the AGP.  

Step 6: Remove Your Existing Graphics Card 

This is the last step with the procedure of how to remove graphics card.  Having carried out successfully all those procedures that came before, the next thing you want to do is now remove the graphics card.  Before even getting to this process, there are many reasons which form the basis for this process, one of them being an update on the existing graphics card.  

Carrying out this process should not be a problem for you in any way.  Use a screwdriver to remove all these screws which secure the existing graphics card in place.  Once you have done this remove all the cables which are connected to the graphics card.  After doing this, remove the latch before now physically pulling out the graphics card.  

How To Replace Your GPU?

  1. “Remove the side panel of your Vengeance PC by unscrewing the two screws at the back of your systems and lifting the panel out.”
  2. “Disconnect the PCIe cable from the graphics card; there is a clip on the cable that must be pressed down to release the connector,” 
  3. “Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws holding down the GPU to the PCIe slots on the back of the PC.” 
  4. “Press down on the PCIe latch to completely release the GPU.” 
  5. “Carefully remove the old GPU.”
  6. “Line up your new GPU with the PCIe lane on the motherboard and slide it in; the latch should click download when it is in.” 
  7. “Reattach the screws to fasten the GPU to the PCIe slots.”
  8. “Reconnect the PCIe cable to the graphics card; the clasp will click once plugged in.”
  9. “Reattach the side panel of your Vengeance PC.”
  10. “Reconnect the main HDMI / DP cable to the GPU.”


If you have been looking for a way on how to remove graphics card then the information above is for you.  From this information, you are going to find proper procedures which you can use to carry out this process so well without any problems at all. 

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