How To Start A Food Truck Business – A Step By Step Guide

How to start a food truck business

The popularity of the food truck business has been on the rise in recent years. There are cities that are renowned for their food truck business scenes.  In the past, food trucks were considered to be a foodie risk but they are now foodie trends all over the world. 

The secret is just learning how to start a food truck business. It is one of the most profitable business ventures in the modern world. This article will give you some useful insights on how to go about with this business. 

How To Start A Food Truck Business

How To Start A Food Truck Business

How much does it cost to start a food truck business?  It all depends on the number of people that you are targeting to serve. It also depends on the niche, state, customization, and legal fees among other factors. 

There are so many variables that will affect the cost of starting a food truck business. When you break the food truck business in the steps below, you will discover that the process is not complicated. The tips below will also guide you on how to start a small food truck business. 

1. Research The Food Truck Scene 

Research The Food Truck Scene

As you start a food truck business, your idea should stand out from what is in the market. Research your location for:

  • Places where your food truck and stop to sell your products 
  • Prevailing restaurant concepts 
  • The average population demographic 
  • The current food truck concepts and businesses 
  • Busy street hours where you can sell to commuters 

Make sure you understand whether your city has ready demand for the products. If not, your food truck concept will be a waste of time. 

2. Select Your Food Truck Concept

Select Your Food Truck Concept

The food truck should take care of the interests of the population. You should also be able to share your passion and interests through the business. Preliminary research should form the basis of choosing your business concept. 

The concept should match with the community’s concerns and your unique style. This will help you to choose a logo and name that reflects the heart of your brand perfectly. The logo, name, and concept should be attention-grabbing and descriptive, memorable, and unique. 

These elements should also express your intentions clearly without being over-specific to allow for future growth. A logo that is visually appealing and a well-thought-out concept has a huge impact on customers. 

3. Write A Plan For Your Food Truck Business

Write A Plan For Your Food Truck Business

After establishing the concept, it is now time to create a plan for your food truck business. The plan will work out the details of your brand before you start to invest. You will also present this document to the potential investors.

Therefore, it should carefully layout your financial plan and vision. The main components of a business plan include:

  • Executive summary
  • Company description 
  • Market analysis 
  • Organizational and management plan 
  • Product line or service description 
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Funding request 
  • Financial projections
  • An Appendix 

Get to understand what each step entails and prepare the plan carefully. It will guide you through the whole process of how to start a food truck business. 

4. Get Funding For the Business

Get Funding For the Business

The business plan is the initial stage of requesting funds for your food truck business. A lot is involved in the food truck business and you may need a loan to start off. However, it is good to have some startup savings so that you don’t rely on the loans 100%. Common sources of funds include: 

  • Personal investors like family and friends 
  • Small business microloans 
  • Community sponsors 
  • Roll over of business startup from your retirement account 
  • Crowdfunding like Kickstarter 
  • Financing programs and equipment loans 

5. Get Permits And Licenses For Your Food Truck 

You need to explore the licenses that are needed in your area in order to set up a food truck business. These requirements vary from one state and local jurisdiction to another. Make sure you have everything so that you don’t run an illegal business. Examples of these documents include;

  • Business license 
  • Mobile food safety permit 
  • Employee health permit 
  • Foodservice license 
  • Zoning and parking permit 
  • Employer identification number.

With the right permits, you will run your business comfortably. There will be fears of hefty penalties and even business closure because of not meeting the regulatory requirements

6. Procure A Food Truck 

Procure A Food Truck 

The largest share of your startup budget goes to the purchase of food trucks. Most people get stuck here when trying to go through the process of how to start a food truck business. 

As you choose a vehicle you can either lease or own a new or used truck. It all depends on your budget and what you think will work best for you. 

You also need insurance for the liabilities and physical damages that may occur on the truck. The other things to work on are permits and inspections so that the truck becomes street legal.  

7. Buy The Food Trucks Supply And Equipment 

Once you have a truck in place, you should now get the right supplies and equipment. These items will help you produce your products and make sure that the truck operates efficiently. The main ones include;

  • Cooking equipment 
  • Food preparation equipment 
  • Holding and warming equipment 
  • Serving equipment
  • Refrigerators
  • Janitorial equipment

Each of these items has an important role to play in your business. It will make sure that everything within your business is running swiftly. 

8. Choose The Right POS System

Choose The Right POS System

There are high chances that your food truck business will need a Mobile POS system. With these systems, you will be able to accept direct credit card payment as long as you have internet access. 

Therefore, don’t limit yourself to accepting cash alone. The POS is a great strategy to increase your sales and take your business to the next level. 

9. Market And Advertise Your Food Truck Business

Market And Advertise Your Food Truck Business

Once your food truck business is running, you will need to market and advertise it. There is no way people will know about your brand unless you put in deliberate efforts to inform them. 

There are so many marketing techniques that will help you boost your brand awareness. Some of them include;


With all these strategies in place, you will not struggle with how to start a food truck business. With the right human and capital resources, the journey will not be a tough one. The other thing is to identify your target audience and serve the right food. 

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