Key Tips on Improving the Home-based office During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Toronto is not unfamiliar with telecommuting. With the city’s population and the Greater Toronto Area growing in size, places like Oakville and Oshawa are not only developing new residential projects but also commercial ones.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has somehow

During the COVID-19 pandemic, workplaces around the world started making use of telecommuting technologies. A vast majority of the global population is working from home due to the pandemic and many have set up shop and work in their homes, regardless of whether they live in the city or the suburbs.

Working from home during the current period provided people a sense of relaxation, autonomy, and independence when it came to working from the comfort of their homes. Some studies have exhibited that employees working from home are more productive than those who work regularly in their cubicles after overcoming traffic hurdles and seldom see daylight.

However, there are some perils of working from home especially if working for quite long from the couch, as it can make some people feel uncomfortable, bored, and desirous of a drastic change.

But not to worry, experts in homemaking and office setups have some tips and tricks to share to help residents designate their own working space in their homes as well as adding improvements to the current one so no one loses their motivation and hence become inspired and productive to produce greater outputs for work.

Initiating with a clean slate

Regardless of whether residents live in their own home, townhouse, loft or apartment, or a property that is on rent (especially a condo selected from a decent listing of Toronto Condos For rent), they all have a space in their home that has the potential of becoming a workplace (a potential workspace).

However, such spaces are often the piling points for clutter, junk, old supplies, and some clunky stuff that renders such a place as the classic storage yard. Hence, it is best to clean this space and bring it to a clean slate.

From this state, it becomes much easier to plan with the placement of needed furniture and items becoming easier. With the creation of a dedicated home office space, separating work-life from personal life is achieved whilst helping individuals stay focused and productive during work hours.

Utilize natural light completely

Setting up workspaces with an abundance of natural light is much better. It helps energize people and is known to raise productivity in human beings. Furthermore, the abundance of vitamin D in natural light helps remove headaches and drowsiness caused by eye strain.

A small note of caution: Don’t place the laptop in a way that its screen starts glaring due to the light. Instead, place it in a way that causes no glare.

How about an ergonomically functional workspace?

Spending a lot of time sitting on the desk glued to the computer can be uncomfortable. It can cause stiff muscle, muscle aches, and mobility problems. It is further aggravated when either the desk or the chair is placed too high or low.

Hence, everyone wants to have a good and ergonomically functional workspace to overcome physical issues like muscle strain, headaches, fatigue, and the like.

Getting up and moving around is not a bad thing. Ensuring that people are comfortable with large margins is one of the best things to consider. They should choose a desk chair supporting their back for ideal posture.

Regarding the desk’s height; the desk must also be at the proper height where the feet are aligned flat to the floor and the shoulders are relaxed. The arms must always rest on the desk’s surface.

Hence, if going for something aesthetically pleasing; make sure it’s ergonomically pleasant too. Else, long live ergonomics!

Remember Feng Shui? Now is the time to add it

This could simply mean putting the work desk at a commanding position. Meaning, the desk’s position is important because this helps residents be the boss of their workspace. For instance, a good bird’s eye view of the door from the desk is much preferred instead of having the desk away from the door.

Colors that stimulate positive energy should be selected. Among them is green as it works well with most décor and plants. It also signifies a new start, clarity, and creativity.

Bring the workplace to life

Do not hesitate in adding plants to the office space, they are known to intensely improve the atmosphere of any room. They help people feel more productive, focused, and active whilst purifying the air. Hence, plants galore!


Whether you live in an apartment, a condo, a loft, or a townhouse; these key tips will help people turn around the state of their workplaces and make them the talk of the town. Nothing is more beneficial than adding nature’s components to homes and workplaces to make them more lively and welcoming.

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