6 Actionable Tips to Leverage Instagram to Increase Sales for Your Local Business

No one can deny the fact that Instagram is a powerful and effective social media platform that can promote your brand in many innovative ways. It can get your brand in front of prospective customers, increase website traffic, generate a massive number of followers, and establish your brand identity.

When it comes to promoting your business to your target audience, Instagram can play a significant role in achieving your desired sales goals. Being a local business owner succeeding on Instagram is not just about creating a massive following base; it’s all about engagement that drives conversions and sales. The challenge many local business owners face is how to generate a massive following base and optimize the design and content marketing strategy to create maximum engagement and encourage users to take the desired action.

If you want to market your local business, listen to your target audience, and pay attention to what they want from you. Here are a few actionable Instagram marketing techniques that allow you to attract more and new local customers and generate more sales.

Let’s check them out.

  1. Build Your Brand Credibility

To gain maximum exposure, your local business needs to showcase that you are a valuable member of the Instagram community. You need to invest your efforts and energy to create a positive brand image on social media by posting engaging pictures and videos. But posting images and videos is simply not enough, to build brand credibility, all you need to do is to provide value to your audience and create a positive impact on your brand.

To gain and maintain your competitive edge over your competitors, brand recognition matters a lot. Interact with your following, reach out to industry influencers, actively participate in conversations to create a strong brand position your local business needs to stay competitive.

  1. Share Local Content

To maintain your brand reputation on Instagram, local marketers can take advantage of local content posted by local followers, local celebrities, and other businesses in your area. This will definitely catch the attention of your followers. When you repost content shared by local people, it makes your brand seem more authentic and humanized. Besides creating brand value, it also saves you a lot of time and efforts required to create unique content.

  1. Use Local Hashtags

Another effective tactic to build your brand visibility is to optimize your target keywords on Instagram. To increase your business reach, marketers are advised to use localized hashtags in their Instagram posts to make it easier for people to find your company posts by using the area-specific hashtags. For instance, if you are running a Dubai based web design company, you need to use hashtags that let your target audience know what services you offer and where you are located. Rather than using generic hashtags such as #webdesign, you can use hashtags such as #WebDesignDubai. It allows people in your area to find your business by using a hashtag that includes your location.

You can use a variety of local hashtags that are relevant to your business. The key is to focus on your city’s or state’s name. You can use some tools to figure out the combinations of local hashtags that can be used in your area. Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant to the products or services you are offering; otherwise, people find it a bit difficult to discover your business through generic hashtags. Using this strategy will eventually help you attract more loyal followers.

  1. Geotagging

It is one of the most effective Instagram marketing tactics for local businesses that allow your followers to discover where your business is located. When you geotag your Instagram posts with a location, it makes it easier for users to click on the location. So, next time you post something on Instagram, make sure to add your location so that your target audience can easily find you.

  1. Create High-Quality Visual Content

Being a marketer, if you are striving hard to gain an extra edge on Instagram, it is a sensible idea to invest your efforts in creating high-quality visual content. In order to effectively promote services and products your local business is offering and establish a strong visual presence, you need to create compelling images and engaging videos. Try to share beautifully captured product pictures and create explainer and entertaining videos to attract your audience and encourage them to make a purchase.

For instance, if you are a restaurant business, you can capture the attention of your local audience by posting images of local dishes that are famous in your area. You can also take maximum advantage of video content along with images. You can highlight the specialty of your brand by posting clips of your products in action, and the effort your team invests in providing quality services.

  1. Showcase Your Company Culture

Instagram is a visual platform; you can leverage this platform by displaying your company culture. You can share pictures of your local office, team members, and company events to demonstrate your brand’s culture. You can share behind the scenes images of your product development and other interesting content that might make people relate to your business.

When creating visual content for your local business, it is important to demonstrate the lifestyle offered by your products or services, which will eventually encourage your audience to make a buying decision. To put in a nutshell, showing your company culture allows you to bring your Instagram account to life and create a loyal and strong connection with your followers.

Final Note

So, these are a few great strategies that marketers can use to promote their local business on Instagram. By creating engaging visual content, using localized hashtags, geotagging your Instagram posts, and showing your company culture, local businesses can reap the maximum benefits of a strong presence on Instagram. It will ultimately lead local businesses to reach their target audience, create strong connections, encourage the right people to connect with your brand, and do business with you.

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