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Karen Hairstyles

Karen Hairstyles For the Up and Coming Woman

What is a Karen Haircut? 

The Karen haircut is an almost-inverted bob or blunt cut, also called an A-line haircut. It is usually long in the back and short in the front. Because of this, it makes a sharp, defined line when viewed from the front. In addition to this style, it is often paired with chunky bangs and is often rounded off with some fringes.

Many celebrities sport this style: Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Pinterest Monet, Kate Hudson, and Charlize Theron to name a few. This look is very flexible because you can wear it in many different ways. You can wear it long or short depending on how long your hair is. You can also take it to the next length by adding clips or hair extensions to the front or back. For example, you can cut a Karen Haircut into a longer “K” at the top of your head to frame your face.

For more options, try adding a couple of different colors. To give your Karen haircut more of a bold, bright look, try using a dark brown at the roots with a dark blue at the tip for a contrast that works well. Or, use a lighter brown at the roots with a lighter, fresher color at the tip. You can also incorporate eyeshadow, highlighting, or glitter into your color combinations for a more dramatic look.

This look has several variations, depending on whether you have either a round or square face. If you have a square face, then you can use a round Karen haircut, curling your hair in a high ponytail and securing it at the nape of your neck with a small pinned earring. If you have a round face, then add waves or curls to your bangs and sweep them outward.

For a cute Karen Haircut that flatters your face, try curling your hair in a high bun. Then, separate the bangs in two sections by gently lifting one section while pinning the other down. Then, lightly wave one section of your hair while pinning the other down behind your ears. To make your side hair stand out even more, create some drama with a few waves with a pin in your parting.

Another creative option for your Karen haircut is flipping your hair. This option is great for those who don’t like their bangs touching their forehead. All you need to do to flip your hair is to pin your hair to your forehead. Then, take one section of your hair and slowly fade it from your forehead to your temples. You can even flip your bangs if you prefer a monochromatic hairstyle.

The Karens Girl Hairstyles Are So Gosh Darn Cool! If you’re tired of your bland old school girl hairstyle, then it’s time for an overhaul. In the new salon design, the gosselins are working up to par instead of just being average at best. With a few clever color choices and a few new products, gosselinists at the salons can create a hairdo that is jaw-dropping. Try mixing up your shade: bright red hair (often complimented with pinks or redheads) with a black Karen haircut. There are many other color combinations to choose from.

A Karen haircut is great for women who have medium to long hair length. Even if your hair is short, you can still go for this hairstyle and keep your bangs off of your forehead. This makes for a very chic look that looks great on just about everyone. Your hairstylist can help you make the most of your hair length and style preferences by offering many different options to choose from.