What Is Kuromi? Is Cinnamoroll A Cat Or Dog?

What Is Kuromi Is Cinnamoroll A Cat Or Dog

Ever wondered what the name of the cute black and white animal that you have seen on television is called? You know, the one that appears in the Hello Kitty television series and toy collection? If you didn’t know, then her name is Kuromi.

If you wish to know more about these famous personalities from the Hello Kitty television series, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to find out more about Kuromi, like what her personality is like, who her friends are, and more.

What Or Who Is Kuromi?

What Or Who Is Kuromi

As explained before, Kuromi is a pretty important character in the Hello Kitty television series. She is one of the primary rivals of My Melody, one of the main protagonists of this show.

If you look at her, you will see that she looks like a white imp-like creature. She sports a goth-inspired black jester outfit on the topmost part of her body. This takes the form of a jester’s hat covering her head and neck. She has a pink Halloween skull drawn on her forehead.

Her Kuromi aesthetic has spokes poking from her neck area outwards, which have small pink balls hanging from the tips. Also, her ears are pretty long and poke outwards with pointy shapes. One can simply see the design of Kuromi and her ears and say that her style has been inspired by the Pokemon called Pichu.

Is Kuromi A Cat Or A Dog?

Is Kuromi A Cat Or A Dog

Many fans of the series have one question on their mind – is Kuromi a cat or a dog? The answer is – she is none. Kuromi is a white rabbit.

Every character in the Hello Kitty universe is based on a cute animal. At first sight of Kuromi wallpapers, she might look like a cute cat or a puppy. However, she is a goth rabbit with a very playful personality. 

Kuromi Personality

Kuromi Personality

When it comes to the personality of My Melody and Kuromi, as depicted in the cartoon, she has a very tough appearance. One might think she is punk or a goth, depending on the way she talks and presents herself.

However, she is quite the opposite, despite her rough and tough appearance. She is actually pretty feminine and is attracted to cute and hot guys! She has her journal. Where she writes her daily experiences, which all seem to be romanticized around handsome young men. 

If you look at her outfit, you can pretty much say that pink and black are her favorite colors. When it comes to food, her favorite dishes include anything made out of shallots and meat. 

Kuromi has many hobbies, which includes writing new entries in her journal. Since she is a fan of romantic novels and stories, she tends to romanticize her journal entries. She is also an ardent foodie, and loves to cook new dishes using shallots and meat. 

Who Are Kuromi’s Friends?

Who Are Kuromi’s Friends

Kuromi is the leader of the biker gang known as Kuromi’s 5. The members of this biker gang all wear black clothing and like to create havoc at fast speeds. This gang is inspired by the Bosozoku girl-gang of Japan, who are derived from female Yakuza members. 

Its other four members are:

  1. Nyanmi: a purple cat
  2. Wanmi: a pale-skinned orange dog
  3. Konmi: a white fox
  4. Chumi: a greyish-white rat

When Did Kuromi Make A Television Appearance?

When Did Kuromi Make A Television Appearance

Kuromi made her first television appearance in the series Onegai My Melody. If you wanted to know is Kuromi a villain or not, then she certainly is one. Kuromi and Melody (the protagonist) are bitter rivals and childhood friends that clash throughout the series multiple times. She is jealous of Melody because the latter is deemed as cuter than her.

Kuromi has stated 6000+ times when Melody has “wronged” her in some way or the other. However, Melody seems to be clueless about it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Kuromi and other characters from the Hello Kitty animated series are:

Q1. Is Kuromi A Girl Or A Boy?

Ans: While people might be confused as to whether Kuromi might be a boy or a girl, it has been confirmed that this rabbit is a girl. One can figure this out from her name, which is basically the feminine version of Kurama – the nine-tailed fox demon we all love from Naruto.

Q2. Is Kuromi part Of Hello Kitty?

Ans: Yes, Kuromi is a part of the Hello Kitty animated show for kids. In the television series, she is voiced by legendary voice actress Junko Takeuchi. She is famous for also providing the voice of our favorite orange-clad Shinobi Naruto Uzumaki. 

Q3. Is Kuromi A Goth?

Ans: If you look at the appearance of Kuromi, then you can definitely see that she has a goth design. It’s her black jester outfit and creepy but cute smile with long eyelashes that sets her ap[art from the cuter and more feminine design of the other Hello Kitty characters.

Q4. Is Cinnamoroll A Dog?

Ans: Apart from Kuromi, My Melody, and Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll is also another popular character in the My Melody universe. Cinnamoroll is a cute dog with chubby cheeks and flappy ears. Heer curly and plump design makes her look like a cinnamon roll, hence her name being Cinnamoroll. 


If you ever want to know whether Kuromi is a cat or a dog, you will be surprised to know that she is a rabbit. Her outfit seems to be goth-inspired, jester clothing made out of pink and black colors. 

She has a tough attitude on the outside, in spite of being pretty feminine from the inside. Therefore, one can say that she possesses a tsundere attitude, which is a trend amongst many anime characters. She is a villain in the Onegai My Melody anime, being one of the main rivals of the protagonist and her childhood friend Melody.
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