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Looking in the Maldives for things to do

You have come to the right place. You have come. You will be taken to paradise by visiting the Maldives.

The Maldives is a dream destination because of luxury bungalows stretching across turquoise waters reaching the white sandy beach.

I must admit we only wanted to sunbathe, snack, and watch the Indian Ocean sunset, but once we reached our little oasis on our small island, we discovered that more things have to do in the Maldives than we originally thought. There are more things to do.

The highlights to do in the world

Of course, the bungalows over the water are a spectacular sight, and in the first place, those images attracted us to the Maldives.

But in addition to relaxing, are there things to do in the Maldives?

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! We ended up with a wonderful adventure vacation!

The Maldives has been designed for water sports. We had a week of sunbathing and luxury relaxation.

These are the best stuff for everyone in the Maldives!


The Maldives is one of the world’s top diving destinations, and if you want to try one place, this is here.

You can take a discovery dive if you are not certified or sign up for several dive options in one of the many reefs in a number of affordable PADI Diving Centres.

The Maldives, known for its stingray, whale hedge migration, and sea turtles, has an abundance of marine life.

The crystal-clear blue waters offer amazing visibility and a warm and inviting wetsuit is not required here.

After a couple of years of scuba diving, we were excited to return to the water in Cinnamon Dhonveli.

When we saw ants, sea horses, crabs, and lobsters, over the years, we enjoyed spying on the little guys.

I forgot how personal and close you can get to the fish when you dive.

This was certainly one of our favorite activities in the Maldives.


Snorkeling is a good option if scuba diving is not yours. The reefs in the Maldives are so pristine that you don’t need to go deep to see much!

We snorkeled with sea turtles and saw over half a dozen mixed meals at the reef.

We were able to see so much more than sea turtles after spending a solid two hours in the water.

My favorite was the huge colorful fish schools flocking together with the tides.

We felt as though we were in our own giant aquarium when three masses came together.


When we got to Cinnamon Hakurra, we questioned our greeter, which she thinks is one of the best things to do in the Maldives.

We have therefore chosen to do it. We started searching for dolphins just before sunset.

It took not long for a captain to spot one; the dolphins played a leap on our bow in our wake.

We saw several dolphins in the wild and must say that Maldives’ dolphins are among the most playful and active we ever saw!

They went and twisted out of the water and showed us greatly.

We were also very happy to see that our boat captain did not approach or chase the dolphin too closely.


Believe it or not, in the Maldives there is a large population and many local people are living and working on the islands.

Make sure you book an excursion to the nearby local islands and communities when you stay in private islands on the Maldives.

The Maldives follows a strict Muslim culture and dress respectfully in long sleeve shorts and spaghetti.

When we landed on the islands, I wore shorts, but I brought a sarong with me.


We visited two islands: the capital atoll Mule and the fishing village of Naalafushee, where we went to the market for fish.

Walking through the concrete buildings, we were surprised that both a small island with schools, community centers, and banks had a proper center and square.

The smallest inhabited islands we’ve ever seen are probably the Islands, but there’s a great deal going on.

Dave and I finished using boats when we used cars.

They are most probably on a regular basis visiting surrounding populations and islands.

Speedboats can cover a lot of lands rapidly so that we imagined local residents visiting friends and families regularly through the neighboring islands.

Update to the Maldives

The Dhonveli Cinnamon attracts world-class surfers to take a great break from crowds.

Surfing was beyond our very hobbyist skill level, but we loved looking at the pros every morning as we sipped our coffee in the morning.

This is one of the best breaks in the world and even Dhonveli is a stop on the pro circuit.

Don’t worry, if you’re not a pro in the Maldives, you can take surf lessons on other island.


Paddleboarding is another great option if you aren’t going to surf.

The Maldives is great for paddleboarding, as many islands are surrounded by calm, shallow water, which only flows with rising tides.

Insecure bays with the sea, you can paddle along so clearly that under your boards you can see fish swimming.

Paddleboards are rented by both resorts. Paddleboarding is something we love. Please enjoy our video and Maui SUP article.


The Maldives has been designed for romance and you have to take time to relax when visiting the island Paradise.

The majority of the visitors to the Maldives were couples and families, and for the romance, we highly recommend a pair of massages.

Read: Etiquette of Massage and SPA – Stripping Tips to tips.

As the music is soothing, skilled men rub off the dreams and pains of your long flight or out of the sun during the day.

After a 1/2 hour luxury, make sure that your to-do list does not contain anything else for the day, as you want to relax.


I don’t think the destination on earth is more romantic than the Maldives.

This is the place if you travel as a couple and want to splinter on a romantic night.

Although most of the food on the Maldives comes in buffet style, take a break from the smorgasbord and enjoy the sunset beach or pier meals.

We found that the meal was a little expensive at $220, but it included a bottle of champagne, a private waiter, and a meal ready right at your table.

I think that Cinnamon can do much better, though, if they only upgrade the dinner with this option.

It was, frankly, an upgrade of $25 while I was eating. I nearly felt sick at a whopping $220 and I didn’t even pay for it!

The resorts have all been included, so why spend so much more on food and wine already included in your package?


It’s magical to see the various water shades below as you fly over the Maldives.

A flight on a twin-engine floatplane is required in many resorts.

We highly recommend reserving a scenic flight over the many atolls when you do not have the good fortune to remain in one of these.

As the deep ocean crashes into sandbars and coral reef, the islands create a pattern in the sea.

Many islands are circled by miles of shallow waters which are low enough to flow with low tide.

You get a true sense of the isolation and beauty of the Maldives islands from the air.


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