Petronpay – Is It Legit Or Scam? Registration, Price, Volume,  FAQs [Updated 2022]


PetronPay, also pronounced as “petronpay com,” is an online Petroleum company that purchases oil at lower prices and sells at higher prices. It promises to share the gains with you up to 30% upon investing in the company. But the question we will be addressing today is – Is PetronPay Legit or Scam? 

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What Is PetronPay? About The Company

In simple words, PetronPay is an investment platform that claims to help you in making money. Do you know where you’ll have to invest – The answer is Petroleum. 

Now you know the reason why Petroleum is called “Liquid Gold.” 

The platform also upholds that you can make up to 2.5% daily returns on the investment. However, the minimum investment amount is 25 USD. The official website states that the company invests in oil assets generating solid returns for the investors. They have partnered with the largest refineries in the world to yield excellent profitability and high-quantity purchase. 

How To Register Yourself On PetronPay?

In order to register yourself on PetronPay, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the official website
  • Tap on the Register button
  • Fill in the details one by one
  • Now hit the Login Click on the barrel you would like to purchase
  • Once it’s done, finish your payment. 

The Payment Method

PetronPay receives payments for Barrel Investment plans with the help of Bitcoin. Furthermore, all the investors get paid with bitcoin as well. At the time of registration, insert your bitcoin wallet address that would be used for payment after placing it for withdrawal. 

Issues With PetronPay Scam

The way PetronPay works seems to be a trap. You don’t need much from FINMA to interpret this. Have you clearly thought about the mechanism of getting 2.5% daily returns from investing in oil? This would mean 75% per month, which is actually an unrealistic fact. Even the top investment companies in the world can’t make it in a year. Hence, it’s not possible to make that monthly.

Take a note of this tip for the future also: If you see a promise of more than 1% daily returns, be assured that most of the time, it’s a SCAM. 

Here are some reviews about PetronPay you must need to know before making any investment decision in it. I hope the images below will give you a clear concept of how fraudulent their activities are. Not much explanation will be needed: 

Review 1:

Review 2:

Review 3:

Review 4:

PetronPay Login My Account

PetronPay Login My Account or is not much complicated. The official website has a separate section called Login, clicking which, you’ll get the sign-in form. Nevertheless, as per our viewpoint, since this website’s modus operandi is doubtful, it’s not advisable to input your credentials here.

So, as per our suggestion, stay away from My Account.

PetronPay Statistics – Price, Volume, More….

Below is a full list of PetronPay statistics that you must know before making any investment decision. The dataset presented below is based on the updates of March 21, 2022. Take a quick look. I hope these facts will come to your use to a great extent.

Market Cap$20,527
Trading Volume (24 Hour)$1
Circulating Supply23,707, 47.41%
Price Change$0.032244 (3.86%)
All-Time High$5,043.18
Date of ATH5/3/2021
Days Since ATH323
% of ATH:0.02%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Is The CEO Of Petronpay?

The name of the current CEO of Petronpay, an investment platform is Johnny Grant. The company claims to originate from Zurich, Switzerland although it’s not registered there.

Q2. Is Petronpay Investment Legit?

As per the reviews of several users and websites, PetronPay is not legit. Swiss Financial Regulator FINMA has made this statement. It’s not recommendable to trade with this platform.

Q3. How Do I Withdraw Money From Petronpay?

To withdraw money from Petronpay, follow the steps below:
• Login to your account with username and password
• Once the account opens go to Financial Tab
• Among the 3 options click on the last option saying Withdraw.

Q4. Where Is Petronpay Registered?

Reportedly, the Petron Pay, known as “petronpay com” is located at Zurich, Switzerland, it’s an unregistered company, Hence, it’s legitimacy is under a question.

The Verdict – Is Petronpay Legit Or Scam?

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the company, it’s possible to state that PetronPay is nothing but an investment scam. If you don’t know, Swiss financial regulator FINMA has already blacklisted the company. We are strictly unrecommending you to stay away from it. 
Got any more questions about PetronPay? Let us know in the comment area below. We will help you out in no time. Also, for further guides on similar topics, keep an eye out on

Disclaimer: This is not any promotional content. Whatever the facts we have gathered are true to the best of our knowledge. We have also taken into account the real-life reviews, other websites’ reviews and gave our verdict based on them.

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