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Why React Native is a Good Choice for Mobile App Development

In this age of digitalization, users want everything faster and most businesses aim to provide its users a better mobile experience. The performance of a mobile application highly depends on the framework in which it is built and when it comes to app development frameworks react native has gained a massive popularity due to its ease of learning and other serious advantages over the established hybrid tools.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open source mobile app development framework that is launched by Facebook. It uses Javascript to build applications for both IOS and Android platforms. It is currently considered as one of the most robust and trustable cross-platform app development frameworks.

Cross platform app development became a great replacement for a fully native mobile app development. Generally separate apps are created for iOS and Android platforms but the cross platform development gives you the scope to reduce expenses and time by using the same code for both platforms. The React Native framework is a rising mobile solution that is termed as the future of cross platform mobile app development.

Is React Native a Good Choice for Mobile App Development?

1. It allows faster development

The entire mobile app development procedure becomes faster with the help of React Native due to which it has successfully won the hearts of the developers within a short time period. As it has already been mentioned that it is an open source framework of Javascript, it offers multiple components that can be used locally and allows developers to complete the work at 30% less time.

2. Cross platform compatibility


Initially React Native was introduced only for IOS platforms but later on Facebook included Android in its team. Till now most of the API are built in Cross platform which clearly shows that developers are fully utilizing the strength of React Native for building both Android and IOS applications. The process of React Native app development does not require languages like JAVA, Swift, C+. All you need is a Javascript developer who has efficiency in Native UI library, APIs and hybrid mobile app development.

3. Budget friendly

The first thing that comes to our mind while starting up a business is budget and this is something that simply cannot be ignored. Every business focuses on gaining faster returns after investing money on it. In such a situation, hiring react native developer for mobile app development is a good idea as doing this could save a lot of money and time.

4. Native functionality

The reason behind why React Native is termed as React Native is that the apps that are built using this framework perform like native apps. Besides this, developers cannot deny the fact that the particular framework has gained popularity due to its scroll accelerations, keyword behavior, animations and usability. The User Interface, developed by React Native covers Native widgets that help in a faultless performance. Using React Native along with Javascript can make even the complex apps perform smoothly.

5. Open source

The term open source projects means a huge number of contributors contribute for the betterment of a project. In the similar way, React Native which is also a large community of efficient developers that help to improve its features and people to use it conveniently.

6. Consumes less time

React Native has the ability to reduce and reuse the code that is already written in its big form. However, that does not signify that you only have to write code once and it could be implemented on every platform. Developers need to develop a fresh code to create a UI that helps to look for individual platform based on their best practices and standards.

7. Live updates

The live update feature of the React Native framework is one of the most prominent features of it in app development. Javascript helps developers to pop up updates in the mobile devices of the users so that they don’t have to go to the app’s update section for updates. This is how users get all the latest updates without accessing the older version of the app.

8. Easy to learn

The React Native framework is based on language fundamentals which makes it easy to learn and highly relatable. It is known as the best tool for the fresh developers who are completely new to the Javascript because it provides various components made of maps and filters.

Some of the famous mobile apps built with react native

React Native app examples – Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, Pinterest, Salesforce, Wix, Bloomberg, KFC, Vogue, Walmart, are some of the well known mobile apps which are created using React Native.


From the above mentioned points it is evident that if you want to develop an all time multidimensional mobile app, which is user friendly, React Native is the best option. Starting from start ups to well established business houses, everyone is running behind mobile applications instead of web pages. When it comes to mobile app development, go for a reliable and quick approach. Memory spacing is a crucial issue in app building procedure which often gets unnoticed. It doesn’t really matter how creatively you have built your app, if its too big, no user will prefer to use it on a regular basis.