How to Choose the Right Texting Software for Your Business

Texting Software

Text messaging marketing is increasingly becoming a preferred marketing tool for businesses because of its effectiveness and a high return on marketing investment (ROMI). Text message marketing helps small- and mid-size businesses to boost sales, nurture leads, engage with potential clients, and build relationships.

Nonetheless, with an intimate understanding of the text message marketing concept, you need to find suitable marketing software to realize the benefits. A text message marketing software is a tool incorporated with features, such as reporting dashboards, reminders, and keywords that allows you to design and manage your text messaging campaigns.

Considerations When Choosing a Texting Software for Your Business

1. Ease of Use

Running a successful text marketing campaign requires a business to integrate SMS marketing software with the right technological infrastructure. Ease of use is important when choosing text marketing software as it will make it easy for your team and in-house developers to maintain a functional text message marketing service. In addition, you should establish the ease of integration with other applications, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Salesforce, and MailChimp.

2. Analytics

Text message marketing provides data that marketers and businesses use to analyze their performance. A good text marketing software should have a reporting dashboard that can track and analyze metrics, sales conversion rates, response rates, return on investment, click-through rates, and opt-out rates. A text message marketing software with a deep analytics suite will easily monitor and run a successful text marketing campaign.

3. Automation

A text message marketing software with automation features can simultaneously send real-time and personalized messages to different customers. Automated reminders improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to streamline redundant processes. By integrating with Google calendar, you can program your marketing software to send customers on specific days.

4. Safety and Security

Implementing a text message marketing campaign involves handling customers’ phone numbers, which is private data. Businesses are responsible for protecting customer data against misuse by third parties for fraud, such as identity theft and phishing scams.

In the case of text message marketing, you must keep customer data secure and safe when they opt-in for SMS messages. A good text marketing software for your business should have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which protects browsers from accessing customer information. In addition, the text marketing software should have a reliable data security system.

5. CRM Integration

A CRM system serves as a platform where you can store all business-related information. Integrating text message marketing software with a CRM platform will help you get reliable and accurate information regarding your business. A CRM software is important in text marketing as your business will manage customer interactions, provide support, and maintain good customer relationships.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

1. Improved Customer Engagement

Businesses are striving to get the attention of their target audience despite the distractions and short attention periods. SMS marketing, when implemented correctly, can make your customers feel that your business is more accessible regardless of their location. SMS marketing guarantees better customer engagement because customers can respond to your texts using keywords, and you can as well send them links.

2. Higher Open Rate

Text messages have the highest open rate – about 98% – among all the marketing materials. In addition, the conversation rate of SMS marketing stands at 29%. A high open rate means that your messages will not go unread by your target audience, which is a common obstacle in promotional materials, such as emails.

3. Cost-Effectiveness and High Return on Investment

Text message marketing is ideal for small- and mid-sized businesses that want to reach a wider audience because of its cost-effectiveness. Once you install the text messaging infrastructure, the only cost you will incur is text message service, which is comparatively less than other marketing methods.

4. Reach a Wider Audience

Reach a Wider Audience

The increasing number of mobile phone users makes text message marketing a practical approach to reaching a wider audience. A wider audience leads to more sales when your text message appeals to the target audience. Nonetheless, you should segment your audience to ensure all your clients receive a message that suits their needs.

Text message marketing has transformed the marketing landscape because of its effectiveness in reaching a wider audience and a high ROMI. Nonetheless, the success of a text message marketing campaign depends on the software that is integrated into the business. A text message marketing software with these features can help optimize the benefits of SMS marketing.

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