How To Grow Rose Hips And Care For Them


Are you searching for ‘how to grow Rose Hips and take care of these plants?’ Then this article might interest you a we have provides information about rose hips and how you can grow them. Keep reading this article to know more about it.

What are Rise Hips?

What are Rise Hips?

Rose hips are also known as rose hep or rose haw or rosehip. Rose hips are accessory fruit plants that come from the different species of rose plants. The fruits in these plants are commonly red or orange in color but some different species might produce black or dark purple color fruits.

Rose hips begins to grow after the pollination of its flowers during spring or early summer. The fruits ripen during the summer months to August.

Nutrients In Rose Hips

Nutrients In Rose Hips  

Rose hips are rich in Vitamin C especially wild rose hips that contain 426 mg Vitamin C per 100 grams. This amount of Vitamin C is 50 percent more than vitamin C from oranges. Its also have a higher concentration of Vitamin C which boosts our immune system. Hips boost our immunity by stimulating white blood cell production.

Rose hips fruits also contain lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and  carotenoids beta-carotene. Examining the potential of rose hips it was found that it made small effect in reducing arthritis pain but more clinical trials need to take place so a definite result can be found.

That said, as of now, rose hip cannot be used in treatment for knee osteoarthritis. So don’t go eating it for knee pain.

Rose Hips Uses

Rose Hips Uses

Rose hips are used to make jams, marmalade, jellies and syrups for bread. They are also used to make pies, wine, teas, soup and other beverages. You can eat rose hip in raw form but without the hairs inside the fruit. The hairs inside the fruit is used for making itching powder.

Some species of rose hips are grown for ornamental purpose like Rosa moyesii, producing large bottle-shaped fruits in red color. These ornamental rose hips are then used to decorate wreaths or make Rose Hips Wreath. Rosa macrophylla also known as ‘Master Hugh’ is the largest species of hips that are commonly found.

Rose hips are used to make herbal teas, especially with hibiscus and the oil gets extracted for its seeds as well. Rhodomel is a kind of mead made from these. Palinka is another alcoholic drink, a brandy made from rose hips in Austro-Hungarian countries. Nyponsoppa is a Swedish rose hip soup.

How to Harvest Seeds From Rose Hips?

Here’s how you can grow rose hip in your garden. Start the process by harvesting rose hip seeds by squeezing the pulp from the fruit in a bowl full of water. Gently swish the water with the pulp to separate the juice from the seeds. Drain out the water with a strainer to collect the separated seeds.

Next in a cup of water put the seeds and a teaspoon of bleach to sterilize the seeds for 20 seconds. Then drain out the bleach mixed water and rinse the seeds well but gently.

Collect all the seeds and dry them by exposing the seed to cold temperature. Take a lunch bag or seal-able plastic bag an put some damp peat poss and then add the seeds. Seal the bag and let it sit for 60 days mimicking the outside temperature before planting it.

Try keeping the seal bag at 35 degrees Fahrenheit for all of the 60-day period. The best time to harvest rose hips in winter after the first frost.

How To Plant The Rose Hip Seeds?

After harvesting, the next step will be to plant the seeds in your garden or pot. Plant you seed in a four-inch pot with soil and plant the seed one-quarter inch deep in to the soil. Select a bright area in your garden and place the pot there and keep the soil moist. You can also keep the pot under bright light for it to germinate.

Let the seedlings unfold with at least two sets of leaves and then plant it separately in your garden bed or another pot. See to it that the soil is moist not soggy around your rose hip plant. S they grow the plats will bloom flowers which will turn into fruits.

Do not spray any chemical pesticides or sprays on your rose hip plants and grow them naturally so that you can enjoy the ‘hips’ or the fruits of the plants. Once the rose hips turn bright red and is soft to touch the harvest the rose hips.

Once you pick the fruits then prune the plants to keep their shape and prune them again in winter. This will lead to saving the plant from early growth. These plants will again start growing and blooming from the spring season.

Benefits of Rose Hips

There are many benefits of rose hips. Keep reading to learn these benefits.

  1. Its provide high levels of Vitamin C that boosts our immunity system.
  2. Its are high in antioxidants that helps reduce the chances of getting chronic diseases like diabetes type 2 or heart diseases in healthy people.
  3. Its has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces pain in people suffering osteoarthritis. Not definite scientific prove has been found in this regard.

Medicinal Uses Of Rose Hips

There are several treatments that are done by rose hips unconventionally. Medicinal uses of rose hips are for regulating blood circulation, strengthening capillaries or teething problems in children. Its also helps treat ailments like menstrual cramping, urinary irritation, diabetes control and varicose veins.


Let us know if this article was able to solve your queries about rose hips and how to grow them.

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