Safe Construction – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Construction


Are you benefiting from the construction boom?

The unusual increase in project demands is opening up new opportunities. Contractors across the country are finding ways to make big gains, in half the time. As you build your book of business, you’ll want to focus on promoting safe construction practices.

After all, minimizing workplace accidents is the best way to run a profitable job site. To help you out, we’ve created this short guide all about the future of construction safety.

What modern advances can help keep your job site safe? Read on to find out.

1. Construction Site Drones

One of the most significant advancements in safe construction is on-site drones. That’s right!

No longer are drones only for real estate or UAV enthusiasts. Now they’re really taking off in the construction world as a way of promoting safety.

By monitoring job sites, drones provide high-definition aerial mapping. No longer will workers need to suit up with harnesses and cages to assess risky situations. Instead, drones can identify structural problems during flyovers.

During the job site fly-over, there can even be real-time communication. Construction workers and the safety manager will have a direct line. The safety manager can use the drone as a type of video conferencing tool.

The manager can then move around the job site quickly and assess any potential risks or hazards. If they spot a hazard, the site manager can immediately notify workers.

Of course, construction companies will want to adhere to all UAV federal regulations. For instance, you’ll need to have fully licensed individuals operating the drones.

Whether operating from the field or office, drones definitely present an excellent opportunity. They can provide improved safety at construction job sites while improving efficiency.

2. Automated Heavy Equipment

What type of heavy equipment do you have on the job site? Name brand equipment manufacturers, like HIAB, are exploring automated driving opportunities. Autonomous equipment is looking to help create the safest construction sites possible.

When you think about it, automation is overdue for the construction industry. Robotics presents an innovative way to improve efficiency without risking human life.

Picture it. Dozers that drive themselves and fully automated forklifts. Job sites will run more smoothly, and there will still be plenty of job opportunities.

As automation advances, there will be a need for skilled operators. So you don’t have to worry about machines taking all of the good jobs.

For instance, currently, the mining industry is taking advantage of autonomous heavy equipment. Cisco’s industry solutions group is automating its efforts in Western Australia. Instead of putting workers directly in mines, they’re outfitting an automated mining fleet.

3. Building Sensors

On-site sensors are another way to create a safe construction site. The sensors allow companies to track different materials.

Companies will know all about the materials as they move within the supply change. You can keep tabs on how much fuel each machine is using, the overall health of the device, and maintenance needs.

The live data will help builders stay extra safe throughout the construction process. You’ll be able to get valuable data about the intricate workings of the building, such as energy usage and temperature. The data can also help you save money as you learn about long-term maintenance costs and needs.

4. Wearables and Exoskeletons

Workers can also take part and improve safety awareness by using wearable technology. The wearable technology would have sensors installed that pickup on important biometrics.

Heart rate, body temperature, and other important factors could be reported back to contractors. Suppose it appears that a worker is in jeopardy of overheating.

The wearable tech could notify site managers. Then, they could send out an immediate request for the overheating worker to take a break.

Exoskeletons are another type of wearable tech. Using motorized joints, exoskeletons help workers stay stronger than ever before. The idea behind exoskeletons for the job site is that they can help prevent fatigue.

By giving workers weight dispersion, they’ll maintain correct posture throughout the entire workday. Workers will also have added support when lifting heavy objects, all thanks to the motorized joints.

Instead of relying on their own strength and stamina, the suit will give them an extra burst of power. Contractors will be able to enjoy a boost in productivity without sacrificing the health of their workers.

5. Advanced First Aid Equipment

No longer will a standard first aid kit on the job site cut it. Serious contractors will need to take things one step further by investing in advanced first aid kits.

What type of technological advances is going to improve first aid? For starters, there are smartphone apps that can help with all sorts of minor emergencies. Safety leaders can download symptom search apps, so they can quickly handle emergency situations.

There are also new FDA-approved mobile electrocardiogram devices or EKGs. These tiny devices are smaller than credit cards and can conveniently attach to your smartphone.

Safety leaders will be able to capture a standard medical EKG from almost anywhere. You can track heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dietary habits, and so much more.

Finally, we also suggest looking into a smart remote healthcare center. These advanced first aid kits provide an immersive safety experience.

Using a touch screen display, you’ll be able to find valuable instructions about every aspect of the first aid kit. From preventing tetanus to dealing with bone fractures, your team will be well prepared.

Creating a Safe Construction Job Site

Now you know all about the future of safe construction and how you can be a part of it. While some of the technology is still fine-tuned, other advancements are just waiting for you to use them.

Drones are a wonderful place to start investing in the safety of your job site. Since you’ll need somebody on your team who can fly the drones, decide who that person should be today. If you’d like more ways to keep your team safe, see what the rest of our construction sites list is all about.

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