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Vinyl For Your Stickers

Should You Choose Paper Or Vinyl For Your Stickers?

If you’re looking to get stickers printed in the near future, you might already know that there are two main options out there for you to choose from: vinyl and paper. These materials, while seeming similar to people unfamiliar with stickers, are useful to very different sets of circumstances. To give you a better idea of what these are – and thus what might be a better choice for you – in this article we take a look at what a few of the major differences are between these two sticker materials. 

Cost versus what you get out of the material

Although cheap sticker printing might always seem like the best idea, spending a little bit longer to find out exactly what your needs involve will end up making the option you go for pay off the most. in terms of the material itself, paper is usually the cheaper option, but this comes at the cost of not being waterproof. Regardless, their budget-friendly price, even when custom shapes are needed, make them good for marketing departments on a budget. The thinness and susceptibility to water mean this small cost can be wasted if used in the wrong circumstances, such as being placed outside (where a lot of marketing materials are often placed). Vinyl stickers are thicker and waterproof, and the material they’re made form helps them last much longer than paper. If you were opting to use your stickers outside you would typically go for pure vinyl stickers, while indoor use would instead have you go for synthetic vinyl. So, at the end of the day, while paper is usually the cheaper option, it can actually be less budget-friendly due to it lasting a much smaller time than vinyl stickers. 

The maintenance needs of these sticker varieties

One of the considerations you’ll need to make when opting for either paper or vinyl stickers is related to whether or not they’ll need regular maintenance. For instance, if you spend a ton of money on a lot of paper stickers and find they fade quickly, it’s very much a case of money wasted. The same goes for if you decide to put your paper stickers outside – in these situations they might not even have time to fade as they might get wet or torn quickly. Vinyl stickers are tear-resistant, waterproof, and very resilient when it comes to mishandling, so if you put them up (whether inside or outside), you can rest assured that you can leave them there for a long time without any worry about maintenance. You do have to pay more for this privilege, however. 

Still unsure what kind of stickers to choose?

If you’re still on the fence when deciding on either paper or vinyl stickers – particularly if you’re on a limited budget – it might be a good idea to try out paper stickers. As they are a lower cost option, you can personally see how their strengths and weaknesses work for your campaign. If you find that they aren’t up to snuff, no big loss – you can spend a little bit more on vinyl stickers next time around and make the most of them then. On the other hand, of you want to make a splash quickly as a new brand in town, vinyl stickers are often the best way to do so.

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