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Student Relocation

The 5 Best Tips For Smooth Student Relocation

Are you a student planning to move for study purposes? Does the moving process seem to overwhelm you already? There’s absolutely no need to worry. Man And A Van London is here to save the day for you. We understand the difficulties that come with moving to a new residence which is why we have decided to share these 5 tips for students relocating.

Change your wardrobes

The first step for an easy student relocation is to change your clothes or empty the wardrobes. If you plan to relocate into another nearby city or to move abroad for study purposes, then the odds are that you are already contemplating changing your shoes, clothes, and other fashion articles to occupy your new wardrobe in your new place of residence. However, it’s also possible that you may want to take along a few of your former clothes or maybe your favourite ones. In that case, be sure not to leave them behind.

The first tip to a smooth student relocation is reviewing all the fashion items in your wardrobe and emptying the old wardrobes if you have to. We recommend that you create a different huge box or bag and tag it “Wardrobe things”. The benefit of doing this is that it becomes relatively easier to rearrange your new wardrobe. Also, your arrangement process will be made easier. You won’t have to search or scatter several different boxes just because you can’t find your favourite hat, for instance.

Gather as many moving boxes from every material, shape or size that you can get

If you want to protect your study relocation better and be prepared for the long trip ahead, then this is what you must do. We recommend that you get a variety of bags and boxes of varying shapes and sizes. This will make it very easy to choose the most suitable ones for your needs. In order to provide maximum protection for your items, it is pertinent that you carefully choose the perfect moving box. In order to avoid any unnecessary void spaces in the boxes, it is important that you get the perfect box size and shape.
When you have the perfect box size and shape, you won’t suffer the risk of your box rolling or turning in the moving van. In addition, you won’t have to use any extra protection measurements when you get the perfect matching box size and shape. For example, you won’t have to stuff the walls of your boxes with soft blankets and fabrics to protect your favourite painting or the screen of your television. The perfect box will flawlessly match the dimensions and measurements of the items contained in it. The right box will smoothly tighten and seal all the objects inside it in order to safeguard them from all the flaws on the journey such as steep routes, sharp turns, bumps and so on.
Furthermore, do you know that the smaller boxes are actually best for managing and unloading by even just a single person? They also make it very easy to sort, unwrap, and recycle. Although, the smaller boxes may not be a grand sight to behold in your new residence, unlike a number of 1 x 1 meter huge and hefty cubes well balanced in the centre of your studying position.

Notify your helpers at least 3 – 7 days before your move

Next, it is very important that you get in touch with your helpers at least some days before your moving date. Make sure you brief them about all the plans for the relocation day. You may also need to provide protective gloves that will be used for heavy lifting and to make sure there is smooth accessibility to your house.

Create a drawing or sketch of the layout of your new residence

This fourth tip is particularly useful if you would be moving for study purposes. No matter how simple the sketching may be, it will help your helpers to know the exact positions to unload the moving boxes. In fact, it would also be of great use to you since you will be able to easily arrange your furniture and other items when you have a sketch of the exact position of each moving box from your relocation checklist. Particularly, this would prove very useful for large and massive objects.
In all, all you would have to do would be to remove the protective covering and open the boxes. You may have to gently lift the corners of the huge boxes to unwrap them. You may not need any heavy lifting of the desk in an attempt to put it in the right position.

When moving the library, make use of small and several boxes.

We recommend that you utilise small and plenty of boxes if you are relocating your library or any form of academic papers for the study room. The reason for this is because, although the small and portable books may appear lightweight and easy to handle, they will, however, become very heavy to move when packed and stacked in a very large box. It would, therefore, be very difficult to move them to the new location. This is why it is advisable to pack as much as a dozen books into each small boxes. This will make the moving comparably easier.

There you have it! Five simple but highly beneficial tips for students who are planning to move. Remember, you don’t have to bear all the stress of moving. We have professionals who will be delighted to relieve you of the overwhelming tasks related to moving.


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