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MSME Registration

The Necessary Requisites To Build A Strong Economy

The market is the domain where cost deciding forces come into play and the area within which demand and supply forces converge to conclude with a single price. For the growth of the economy of the country, its market must flourish. The prices of the same goods must be fair for everyone, including the buyer and seller. It must be so that the buyer gets the desired product at an acceptable price, and the seller must acquire a reasonable profit or benefit. MSME meant for Micro, small and medium enterprises and was launched on 2nd October 2006. For most of the developing countries, MSME is essential. As a responsible citizen of the country, MSME registration should be done, which will help you get some Government incentives and improve the country’s economy. 

Is MSME Registration Helpful For The Growth Of My Company?

MSME enhances the upward motion and elevation of the economy and GDP of the country. India’s total industrial sector is supported by 45% through MSME. At the same time, MSME covers half of India’s export unit. MSME also covers almost entire industrial companies (95%). More than 7000 types of products are manufactured and prepared by MSMEs. MSME facilitates the growth of the economy of the country. MSME can also be called Small Scale Industries (abbreviated as SSI). MSME registration lets companies with manufacturing lines and service lines to register into being an MSME. 

MSME Registration

 What Are The Benefits Of MSME Registration?

Our country’s government has clearly stated that it is not mandatory or compulsory for MSME registration. But it is advantageous for small companies to get registered under the MSME Act. Proper returns in terms of tariffs and taxation are achieved if they do it. And eventually, the returns are higher. This, in turn, improves the livelihood of these small scale businessmen. For MSME registration to be micro in the servicing sector, investment should be less than Rs. 10 lakhs, whereas for MSME to be micro in manufacturing sectors, investment should be less than Rs 25 lakhs. Under Atma Nirbhar Bharat, the criteria to be included in micro, small and medium enterprises have changed. To be included in Microenterprises, the revised investment amount is Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crore. For small enterprises, the fixed investment amount is Rs 10 crore to Rs 50 crore.

Completion Of These Criteria Will Ensure The Enterprise’s MSME Registration

Market analysis research allows the companies to speculate what products are in demand, what products are necessary, what products are more profitable. Market research analyst examines the market conditions to improvise the product specifications. This, in return, ensures enhancement of the market value of the product. If we deeply analyze the market research analyst’s job, we can derive a notion that merely graph plotting and chart making is not market research analysts’ work.

Why A Market Research Analyst Is Required For The Business?

Market research analysts monitor trends in sales. Market research analyst must be creative, speculative, and mathematical, and analytical with their approach. Their Intel must be attractive to the client. Their Intel must be comprehensive for the client. Their Intel must be easy to use and understandable for the client. Research is just the first part of market research analysts. They have to provide accurate and correct data for the customers or clients. The relationship between the market research analyst and the clients must be smooth. The team within which the research analysts work is significant. The team must be dynamic and eligible to perform the task. Consumer data is particularly essential for market research analysts to squeeze out conclusions and inferences. They should not just tell about the particular feature in demand; they should also describe why that feature is famous. The objectives of the team must be clear.

What Are The Skills Market Research Analyst Possess?

Telling a story: strong communication, along with storytelling, takes accurate data information. It compiles it as a picture or a plot that can help the company see where they adjust in the market and why a consumer feels the way he does.

Communication skills and interpersonal skills: Complex data must be converted into easy to follow presentation for clients thinking must be critical. Sometimes Market research analyst without knowing the proper data starts analyzing, which implies that they need to think critically about making the data present in front of them useful. Moreover, connections between points of data and support why these conclusions are made must be made. Flaws in the information, defects in the system are also analyzed by critical thinking.

Attention to detail: Market research analyst must look for opportunities and advantages. Every minor ignored element can be an opportunity for a greater purpose. Or market research analysts must look for flaws in the models that hide in plain sight. Small decisions can make or break a business model.

Ability to solve a problem: This is an important asset possessed by a market research analyst. Without this, a business model cannot thrive. They should have the ability to solve the hardest of the challenging problems to achieve the firm’s growth or enterprise.


At first MSME registration and then working with a market research analyst will boost your business to a greater extend.

1)      Demarcation and analysis of the brand:-

The brand is a portion of the foundation of any organization. This is particularly necessary for MSMEs because their brand is considered an organization, and if the brand fails, then the organization fails. Market research analysts help us understand the brand value and which brand works and which fails.

2)       Debut of a new product or service

New product and service development are essential and necessary for any business to thrive. Market research analysts help enhance the success rate of the product launch.

3) Designing or improvements of the customer experience: market research analysts help design the MSME in such a way that the MSME can satisfy the consumer and business elevates.


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