The World of Crypto Gaming

Crypto Gaming

Have you ever wanted to make money playing video games? Maybe you’ve imagined it more than once. But when eSports teams don’t come scouting, how do you make your dreams come true

Just hold on.

There’s a new trend online combining cryptocurrency with the game you already play. It’s called crypto gaming and it’s taking blockchain technology to new levels.

Studies made in November 2021 suggest that 50% of active cryptocurrency wallets connected to blockchain apps were set up for playing games

So why are these games taking off, and how can you get involved in the action? Keep reading to find out.

What are Blockchains and NFTs’?

Before you dive into blockchain gaming, it’s important to recap a few key aspects:

– Blockchain: a decentralized public ledger that allows people to anonymously make transactions without the use of an intermediary.

– NFT: a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of a real-world digital item. Essentially, you get to own the digital art. VirgoCX makes it easy to buy NFTs with their brokerage service

So how are these incorporated into blockchain gaming?

What is Crypto Gaming?

With the explosion of the gaming industry and its accessibility with mobile devices, it’s unsurprising that blockchain technology is making its way to the forefront.

But what exactly is crypto gaming?

Game developers are incorporating NFT’s into the blockchain of their games. This allows players to physically own the tokens and collectibles they earn while playing the game. And because NFT has the opportunity to appreciate in value, players can even sell off their assets and make a physical profit.

What are the Benefits of Crypto Gaming?

Blockchain technology’s diversity allows crypto gaming to influence gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in many ways.

The popular NFT game Axie Infinity introduces a large group of people to the cryptocurrency world. In a game similar to Pokemon, many people can relate and are willing to open a crypto wallet to physically own these fantasy sprites.

What a fun way to dip your toes into a pretty daunting subject.

Other benefits that come with blockchain games include:

– access to crypto exchanges

– education opportunities

– NFT/asset appreciation

With the influx of people getting into blockchain gaming, these wallet platforms are ramping up their education.

How Can You Get Started?

Game developers have jumped on the crypto gaming train quickly. Whatever type of game style you enjoy, it’s likely available for you to invest in. The first step to start playing is to set up a crypto-wallet and deposit some funds.

This sounds easier than it may seem. Searching for crypto-wallets, understanding the benefits and differences of each one, and setting up your profile is intimidating.

And after filtering through all the choices, do you know if your money is safe?

For those concerned about safe gaming transactions, Buy Smooth Love Potion, VirgoCX’s native currency. The cryptocurrency was developed with the mission of having the utmost security, transparency, and professionalism. For those getting into crypto gaming, you’ll be content to know your play tokens are safe and your future transactions are handled with care.

Want to Learn More?

Crypto games only scratch the surface of what blockchain technology is bringing to the modern era. Getting into blockchain games may help you take the first step to own cryptocurrency, but knowing what to do with it can intimidate many.

For more stories on blockchain technology and how to use it, you can find extensive content on our blog.

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