Top 10 Business to Start in 2020 for Massive Earning

Would you like to start your side-hustle and quit your 9 am to 5 pm job? 2020 is the right time to get started. And no, you don’t need a big investment or a highly innovative idea. With hard work, determination, and patience, you can kick start your business right away. All you need is to tap the right market, the one that brings good revenue. Start with these ideas:

#1: 360 Degree Photography

This niched photography has huge potential in social media marketing. 360-degree photos provide a panoramic view of the location. This photography is as compelling as the VR and AR trends.

Users can view the surrounding of the picture as if they are there. Businesses such as real estate, wedding planning, and landscape can make great use of such photos. It eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty, giving the client a complete view just like that.

#2: Handmade Goods

The idea of starting a business of handmade goods is never getting old. If you like crafts, you might want to take a look at Etsy. It’s the largest online market for vintage and handmade goods.

You can sell just about anything – lamps, leather goods, jewelry, T-shirts, and more. Once your business expands, you can even start your own brand. Anything can happen.

#3: Food Truck Business

Is there some recipe you are good at? Why not start a food truck business then? This industry is expanding and the revenue is in several billion dollars. You will enjoy the same benefit as that of running a restaurant. But the initial investment isn’t as significant as starting a brick and mortar restaurant.

Plus, the chances of success are higher. Only 10 to 20 percent of the food trucks fail. On the other hand, the failure ratio among restaurants is 90 percent. As long as you are serving great food, people will come.

#4: Green Cleaning Services

Green cleaning services are in great demand these days. Wondering what’s the difference between green and a regular cleaning? Just the products. People from the upscale neighborhood are the ones who normally demand these services. They are also willing to pay extra just because you want to preserve the environment too.

#5: Skincare Spa & Clinic

Spas are known for providing comfort and luxury. They are the ultimate retreat for most users. These services are getting more and more popular among young millennials. As per the ABC report, the industry has grown 21 percent over the past 5 years.

This business idea will require some initial investment and you would also have to take training as well. You can also hire experts and take the responsibility of managing the business.

#6: Senior At-Home Care

The cost of a nursing home has risen exponentially. They have become overcrowded as well. At-home senior care is an alternative most families are looking for their loved ones who are still functional. If you have experience of taking care of a senior family member, you can give this business a shot.

Trained staff is sent to the home of the seniors to perform household tasks, take care of their medication, run errands, and more. Families end up saving so much more money by hiring an in-home health aide.

#7: 3D Printing Services

Why not be a part of the 3D printing revolution? All you have to do is invest in a high-quality 3D printer and start offering 3D printer services. So here is the drill. The client sends you their project and you print them for them, pack it in the box and deliver the package.

You will be able to create the object within minutes. Right now, plastic is used for printing the object but in the future, other materials will be used as well. And most of all, the printer will be able to create anything you can imagine.

3D printers are expensive therefore, not everyone can afford it. Hence, this business has great potential.

#8: Tattoo Studio

Honestly, you can make a fortune by opening a tattoo studio. It’s an emerging business in the industry. If you have a great artist in your team, people are willing to travel across the world to have themselves tattooed by their favorite artists.

You would have to be careful about a few things. Such as health risks associated with body piercing and tattooing and maybe even consider getting liability insurance.

#9: Notary Public

Being a public notary is always useful. The role of a notary is that of a validator. He is also an impartial witness in the public legal documents related to oaths, estate, affidavits, and special powers of attorneys, business agreements, and even divorce.

The average salary of a full-time notary is $36,000. This could be a great side hustle, right? You would have to meet some requirements considering the state you live in.

#10: Car Washing Services

If you own a car, you would agree that you always complain about having no time to care for your vehicle. There are lots of potential customers in the car wash business. You would need a few pieces of equipment such as polishing wax, sponges, car shampoo, tire black, and few more and start making decent money from cleaning the cars of other people.

This doesn’t have to be a full-time business. You can do it on the weekends only. This business idea will keep you on your toes and your body will exercise a bit.

Final Words

Each of these business ideas has solid potential for not just 2020 but for the entire decade. Certain ideas might involve more risk and investment than others. But if you create an impressive business plan, offer great sales and support service (the type of service you receive when you call Buy Internet Cable customer service), the results will be pleasing.

As customers start rolling in, your stream of revenue will start building. Once you start seeing the success you are expecting, you can even quit your full-time job and take their side hustle into a full-fledged business.

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