VPN Vs. Antivirus: Which Offers Better Protection Against Online Threats

VPN Vs. Antivirus

VPN Vs. Antivirus: Considered by many to be a cybersecurity question!

The internet can be a dangerous place to be at. Threats ranging from spyware, virus, hackers to scammers lurk behind every virtual window, endangering privacy.

As we look for solutions to stay safe online, two options always come to mind: VPN and Antivirus.

It is true that both are the most popular tool used by users to keep themselves safe from fraudulent activity happening on the internet.

As both the software applications are best at what they do, people now want to know which one is better? Or which one protects you better from the internet’s dangers?

And most importantly – Which one should you choose?

Do not worry; we will answer all these questions. Just stick with us till the end of this article.

What Threats Do We Face Online?

What Threats Do We Face Online?

Before we can head on to how VPN and Antivirus protect us from danger, it is important to understand what kind of dangers lurk online.

For starters, there is malware. Malware is a harmful software application that can hijack your browser and see all your personal details.

Once the virus has infected your browser, it enters your device. Then, it reaches your files and folder and corrupts them.

The other hazards you will also encounter on the web are:

  • DNS attacks, where hackers take advantage of the DNS vulnerability and access the server.
  • Hacking and identity theft.
  • Phishing scams.
  • Restricts the content due to censorship.

Fortunately, there is good news. You have VPN services and Antiviruses to protect you from all cyber threats. So visit the pirate bay and download the best VPN and Antivirus software application for your system.

How Antivirus Protects Your Devices?

The moment you start your system and connect to the internet, you run different codes. When you use your email, visit any websites, your processors start working on these codes. It is these codes that are exposed to malware infections.

That is unless your system is protected by antivirus software.

Antivirus software constantly scans your system and notifies you about any dangers lurking under the layer of the internet. If your antivirus finds anything suspicious, isolate the errors and deal with them immediately.

Unfortunately, viruses get upgraded every day, so your antivirus also needs to evolve accordingly.

How VPN Secures Internet Traffic & Personal Data?

A VPN service works differently. Instead of protecting your system from any attacks, it simply camouflages your existence on the internet. After all, if the cybercriminals and spying agencies can’t find you, they cannot harm you.

A good VPN service allows you to surf the internet anonymously. They do this by connecting the device to a private server and concealing your identity from the Internet Services Provider.

VPN uses a process called a tunnel that creates a tunnel of encryption over the network. So when you connect to the internet, your connection passes through a tunnel of encryption encrypting your original IP.

Does this mean a VPN protects you from malware attacks and viruses? Not necessarily. A VPN service specializes in making your online presence and deleting your digital footprint.

As long as you are not clicking those dangerous links, you are safe, but, the moment you visit risky websites and click unknown links, you are allowing malware and viruses to seep into your system.

VPN Vs. Antivirus: Which Is Better?

VPN Vs. Antivirus: Which Is Better?

After going through what both VPN and Antivirus have to offer, we conclude that both are meant to deal with different situations. For instance, an antivirus is well equipped in dealing with online threats, while VPNs are better at protecting you from others.

It should be clear by now that you shouldn’t choose between the two – you should absolutely have them both. The combination of antivirus software and VPN services is what gives you close to 100% online security.

Remember, they are designed to complete each other’s purpose and not compete!

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