15 Wavy Hair Men’s Hairstyles You’ll Love

Wavy hair men

Do you have a date that you are going to this weekend? Or is it a special event where you might meet a hot date? Whatever the situation is, you have to try your best to even think about nailing a date, that too even a hot one. 

If you have naturally (or not) wavy hair and want a new wavy hairstyle for men to increase your confidence in front of women, then don’t stop reading here. Instead, read on to learn more about the best wavy hair men hairstyles that your barber can cut for you. 

Best Wavy Men’s Hairstyles

After trying out different wavy hair men hairstyles, we have handpicked 15 of them that will definitely give you bonus points in women’s eyes. They are:

1. Tousled Curly Top

Tousled Curly Top

If you are a fan of the 90s hairstyles that were edgy, sleek, and managed to impress the ladies at the bars, then this hairstyle is for you. If you have naturally wavy and curly hair, this hairstyle will make you look super sexy and pair well with a clean-shaven face or light stubble beard. The boxed haircut for men inspired this hairstyle. 

2. Mid Part With Sleek Waves

Mid Part With Sleek Waves

If you are a fan of mid parted hairstyles, then you can confidently pull off the mid part hairstyle with wavy hair. This hairstyle looks solid because mid parts never go out of style, and it has this vintage feel to it but still looks modern and jazzy. If you fancy a polished and gentlemanly look, you can not go wrong with this wavy hair men hairstyle. 

3. Tapered Quiff

Tapered Quiff

If you have wavy hair with a lot of volumes, this hairstyle will look great on you. While this works best if you use hair gel or men’s hair wax. You can create a quiff by brushing your hair in the middle towards the back. This works well to get a less fancy but neat look with a chambray shirt. Don’t forget to use a hair blow dryer after a bath to get the sexiest results. 

4. Classic Mid Length Boy’s Haircut

Classic Mid Length Boy’s Haircut

A timeless and classic men’s haircut wavy, this hairstyle is perfect for men with shorter to mid-length hair. Even though it’s a classic wavy haircut for men, it still has a modern edge to it because of the low skin fade. Use men’s hair wax or hair sprays for men to make your hair in the middle beckoned spikier and hold it in place. 

5. Undercut


Undercut men’s hairstyles have become super trendy in the last decade. To make full use of this free advertising, tell your barber how to cut your hair. An undercut on wavy hair men looks crisp and pretty daring. Give your masculine face the upgrade it needs with this timeless hairstyle. 

6. Modern Mohawk

Modern Mohawk

If you have messy wavy hair, we recommend you tell your barber about this haircut and see how well it looks. This men’s hairstyle is a total showstopper if you can pair it up with white sneakers for men. It has this rough and reckless look that women simply dig a lot. 

7. Top Knot With Seamless Fade

Top Knot With Seamless Fade

If you think that man buns are out of style, think again. To get this look, you need to be like long wavy hair men that are at least shoulder height long. Get your sides faded seamlessly in the salon, and don’t cut your long wavy hair in the top. Tie it towards the back to get the top knot, and you are good to go for a steamy date. 

8. Tousled Hair With Sharp Temples

Tousled Hair With Sharp Temples

If you want an on-point hairstyle, then wavy tousled hair will look great on you. This hairstyle will be better if you pair it with a sexy formal dress for men like a suit. Wavy hair men will look great with this hairstyle because you can keep your back long and your temples sharper on both sides to achieve the perfect look. 

9. Short Crop

Short Crop

A short men’s hairstyle always looks great because it gives that polished look vibe to our otherwise rough exterior. This wavy hair men hairstyle will look good on guys with any face shape since short hair is always sexy and trendy. 

10. Medium Bald Fade With Highlights

Medium Bald Fade With Highlights

If you want a genuinely modern hairstyle, this will be great for your Instagram highlight reels. So how to get wavy hair men hairstyles? Just keep the top of your head a bit longer than the sides, and shape it up with medium bald fades on the sides. Add some lighter highlight color if you have a naturally darker hair color (or vice versa) to put some grit on top of your head. Women love men who are bold enough to have highlights. 

11. Medium Length

Medium Length

Wavy men’s hair looks great if you keep them to medium length. Plus, it seems even hotter if you have a mid-part and your hair droops slightly on both sides. While mid part mid-length hairstyles might look messy, wear great outfits for men to get the ladies on the dancefloor. 

12. Short Length With High Skin Fade

Short Length With High Skin Fade

Another great short wavy hair for men, this hairstyle will never go out of style because of how easy it is to pull off it. This men’s hairstyle wavy is easy for the barber and requires less maintenance than the other styles on this list. 

13. Curly Textured Top With Sharp Mid Fade

Curly Textured Top With Sharp Mid Fade

If you have wavy hair men hairstyle, and naturally curly hair, you have gold, my friend. This sleek hairstyle looks great with a lot of textured curls on top. Make sure that you leave at least two inches of hair on top. In addition, gradually shave your sides. 

14. Bald Fade With Combover

Bald Fade With Combover

If you want a wavy mens hairstyle with a comb-over, you should learn how to style men’s wavy hair. Use a comb to push your hair slightly back to achieve this bold and sexy look to make a style statement. This men’s hairstyle will help you get close to the ladies you desire and even go forward, if only you could use the best perfume for men. 

15. Low Fade With High Volume Top

Low Fade With High Volume Top

If you have seen Chris Evans as Captain America in any Marvel’s Avengers movies, you will know which sexy hairstyle I am talking about. Keep the sides cut short, and add some wax on the top to make it wavy and sturdy. Who knows when you will get your Peggy Carter if you have this hairstyle!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Do Guys Get Wavy Hair? 

Ans: Guys can get wavy hair if they are naturally born with it, or use the right products and techniques to make it wavy.

Q2. Is Wavy Hair The Best For Men?

Ans: Wavy hair is considered the holy grail of all hair types and is one of the sexiest.

Q3. Can Straight Hair Be Wavy Men?

Ans: Making straight hair wavy for men can be done quickly with the right products and techniques. 

Q4.  Is Wavy Hair Curly?

Ans: Yes, wavy hair can be curly. But the two are pretty different from each other. However, wavy hair is actually a type of curly hair.


Having a wavy hair men hairstyle will look fantastic if you can pull it off with the right clothes and the right beard style for men. We recommend fifteen different wavy men’s hairstyles for you, as the low fade with a high-volume top and a tousled curly top. 

Other hairstyles like the mid part and the modern mohawk quill also look great if you can pull it off the styles perfectly. Remember not to use cheap mens hair products on your hair as they can damage your hair. 
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