Why Tiles Sealing is Necessary?

People are often confused about whether they need tiles sealing or not, well the answer is yes, they need sealing floor tile grout and need to reapply it regularly. Services like tiles sealing can help you apply the tiles sealing. However, you can apply the tile sealing on your own as well, and we are going to discuss tiles sealing in this article.

Why grout sealer is important 

It is a mixture of the cement and sand which protects your tiles. If you are not using the sealer, the tiles will absorb water, stains, and bacterial. On the other hand, the grout sealer is water-resistant and can repel germs and moisture as well. When you are sealing the grout, you are increasing the life of your tiles and improve the texture and looks of the tiles. The grout looks better and also lasts longer.

When to seal the grout

When you have installed new tiles, wait for at least 72 hours and let the grout dry. The grout should be dry and clean and ensure that the lines of grout are chipped and cracked. If they are chipped and cracked, wait for almost 48 hours and start sealing grout.

Do we need to seal tiles?

Well, the tiles are generally made from porcelain and glazed ceramic; thus, it does not need sealing. However, if you have unglazed clay or tile, you need to seal them because they are porous.

However, make sure that you don’t apply the sealer to the non-glazed or natural stone surfaces. These tiles would absorb the sealer, and it would not come out of it and sometimes discolour it as well. If you are not sure which type of sealer is perfect for your tiles, get help from the store as well from here you are buying the sealer.

Applying grout sealer

It is easy to apply the grout sealer on your own, but that does need a lot of hard work. It is even easier when you have tiles of large size like 12″ x 12″. On the other hand, smaller tiles need more time for applying grout.

Choosing the sealer

You should choose the best tiles sealing for your tiles. Mostly the sealer is chosen after accessing the type of tile in your home and the location of the home. Two types of sealers are famous, and we are going to discuss them.


These sealers use a water base, which allows the particles of the formula to easily penetrate the grout. The grout is porous so it can easily absorb sealer and keeps all kinds of moisture out of it. These penetrating sealers are perfect for the areas which are damp like the shower and bathroom.

Membrane forming 

These sealers would create a new coat on the surface of the grout and resist the penetration of water. This type of sealing is perfect for the backsplashes and the kitchen floors; however, you cannot use these sealers in the bathroom, because they won’t allow the trapped water in the grout to evaporate.

These membrane forming grout sealers are perfect for the tiles, which are unglazed like the natural stone. These sealers won’t be necessary for the glazed tiles like subway tiles and ceramic tiles.

How to apply the sealer

There are different ways to apply the sealer on the grout, and you can roll it on the tiles, paint it, or spray the sealer on the tiles. The rolling of sealer or the painting is usually the same method; however, the equipment you are using for it does matter. The sealer’s application with the brush is difficult because the sealer may not feed smoothly in the brush. Rollers are also not considered perfect, but most people think that these rollers are better than the brushes. When you are using rollers, the sealers remain close to the seam line and don’t slope on the surface of the tiles.

Spraying is also a famous method, it seems easy, but it is not that easy, you can easily spray the sealer, but then you need to spend a lot of time cleaning the tiles for the residue left on the tiles. The spraying is also not considered effective because some areas are left out during the spraying. The chances of inhaling also increase when you are spraying, so you need to wear all the protective gear.

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