How To Get A Youtube Premium Student Discount?

How To Get A Youtube Premium Student Discount

With 2.52 billion active users in 2022, Youtube stands as the world’s second most-used social media platform. So does that mean you should get a youtube premium student plan? Well, not exactly.

The data shows how relevant Youtube is in our lives. Be it for learning DIY tricks, for valuable classes, or just for entertainment – Youtube is worth it. But what about the student’s plan?

Yes, the student’s plan of Youtube comes at half the price of the regular premium plan. So, if you plan to get a youtube premium student membership, this article will help you with the simple steps. 

What Is Youtube Premium Student Membership? 

What Is Youtube Premium Student Membership

The Student membership for youtube can be really helpful if you don’t like watching ads in between video streaming. The premium plan of Youtube allows you to watch videos for free without disturbing advertisements. 

You need to check your eligibility for the plan if you are planning to get enrolled. A youtube premium student plan is cheaper than the regular premium plan. The regular plan for Youtube plan costs $11.99 per month. But eligible students can avail of the same plan for $6.99/month. 

Eligibility For Youtube Premium Student Membership

You need to be eligible for the Youtube Student Premium plan. Not all locations and institutions are offered the privilege of youtube premium membership. Here are the criteria you need to meet –

  • You should be enrolled in an institution in a location where Youtube offers Students a Youtube premium plan.
  • The higher institution you are in needs to be approved by SheerID. You can get the student’s plan if SheerID approves the school. 
  • As a student, you also need the approval of SheerID. 

Once you meet all the criteria, you can opt for a free Youtube membership for four years. After that, however, you will have to re-verify your subscription every year. 

Attention:  If you are from India, you will not be eligible for an offer of a trial, student plan, or family memberships. This is due to the eMandate of the RBI. as of now (December 2022), you cannot also apply for new subscriptions for Youtube premium plans. But it does not affect your current plan in effect. 

How To Check If Your School Is Eligible For Youtube Premium Students Membership?

So, you know the criteria you need to meet and the verification you need. But how to check if your school is eligible for the Youtube students plan? Here are the steps –

  • Go to the landing page for students to get Youtube Music Premium or Youtube Premium. Yes, you can get offers on either of the services on Youtube. 
  • Select Try it Free.
  • Now, type in the name of your school on the SheerID form. You should be approved to get the premium membership when your school appears there. 

How To Get Youtube Premium Student?

How To Get Youtube Premium Student
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Here are the steps for getting a premium membership of Youtube for students –

  1. Open your computer or your smartphone browser and look up
  2. Locate ‘Try it Free’ and select it.
  3. Complete the verification with SheerID by following the steps next. 
  4. If SheerID verifies your institution and you as a student, it will redirect you to Youtube to complete the purchase process. 

This will complete your purchasing process. However, if you don’t get verified immediately, you should follow the next steps –

  • You might be asked to upload documents to verify your eligibility. The documents get verified manually. If you are from the US, you will get notification emails not buying if you are eligible for the offer. But, if you are from other locations, you might have to wait for the mail for at least 48 hours. 
  • Suppose you get verified following the next processes; you need to log into your account again. Tap on your profile picture to go to your account. Once you select paid membership, a notification prompt will appear asking you to finish your sign-up. Then you need to follow the steps –
  1. Select your payment method for the purchase of the Youtube premium student membership. 
  2. Select Buy and finish up your purchase. 

Does Youtube Premium Have A Student Discount?

Yes, students have to pay way less than regular subscribers of Youtube. While the regular subscribers pay $11.99 per month, students have to pay $6.99/per month for the same. If you are eligible, you can get a student subscription for youtube premium students with 6 months of free subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions : (FAQs):-

So, those were the steps for purchasing a Youtube Premium student membership. However, here are some additional queries and their answers. These might be additional help for similar queries. 

1. How To Buy Youtube Premium For 1 Year?

Ans: You can buy a Youtube Premium student plan for one year by following these steps –
⦿ First, go to
⦿ Look for annual/ premium on your mobile device or your desktop. 
⦿ Choose Get Annual Plan. Now, follow along with the next steps and complete your purchase. 

2. How Do Youtube Premium Verify Students?

Ans: Youtube will verify if you really are a student when getting a Premium membership for Youtube.
⦿ You need to be enrolled in a recognized institution. The institution needs to be located at a recognizable location.
⦿ Your Higher education institution needs to have SheerID approval. 
⦿ SheerID also needs to verify you as a student. 

3. Is Youtube Premium Still Worth It?

Ans: According to most users, a Youtube premium subscription is not worth it. This is because the premium subscription offers ad-free playback, including YouTube Music. But the the high subscription price does not justify what you get for the price. You can enjoy the same for free just by watching a minimum amount of ads. 

Bottom Line 

Once you get the youtube premium student membership, you can pay for it every month. The good news is – you get a free month of trial for Youtube students membership. After that, you can opt for a recurring plan that gets automatically renewed. But if you already have a regular plan, you need to cancel it first to activate the student’s plan for youtube. 

I hope that this article was helpful; you can let us know in the comment. If you have more questions, you can also leave them in the comment. 

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