What to Look For When You Buy a Used Forklift

Used Forklift

Forklifts cause around 95 serious injuries per day and a fatality every four days. These numbers are low compared to other workplace injuries. Regardless, consider taking these statistics seriously.

Keep these numbers in mind when you want to buy a used forklift. You have to learn how to check the unit for both safety and efficiency.

Our guide can help, so read on and find out what to look for.

Look for the Proper Documentation

Always check the documentation before committing to buy a used forklift. First, you need the operator manual. It allows you to learn how to use the machine properly.

You also need the service manual, especially if you want to maintain and service the forklift. It contains detailed instructions on how and when to service the unit.

Whenever possible, look for the maintenance and service history. It’s a form of reassurance, letting you know the unit received proper care.

Inspect the Appearance

Look for any signs of rust and cracks on every component. These are urgent issues, meaning you must focus on repairing them as soon as possible.

Vehicles are weak to rusting since it compromises the structure. Severe rusting and cracking can also render the forklift unsuitable for operation.

Do a closer inspection of the forks, mast, lift chains, and tires. Any minor distortions are okay as long as you can straighten them. Meanwhile, severe bends are unsafe.

Never forget to check the tire tread. If it looks worn out, ask for a discount on the final price. Some sellers are willing to replace these before the transaction.

Spring the Forklift to Life

Request the seller to turn on the forklift for a few minutes and have an operator drive it around. Observe how well it runs and performs. If it looks rough, it is a sign of underlying issues.

Ask them to operate the mast as well. It applies whether you’re looking at forklifts or used Moffetts. Inspect how it performs when carrying a heavy load.

Check the Battery and Engine

When the unit has been on for a while, check the forklift engine. Look for cracks on the hydraulic hoses. Compromised components can lead to failure and other safety risks.

Check for malfunctions and low levels of the engine oil, brake, and transmission fluid. A low level often suggests a leak. While you’re at it, ensure the belts are tight and well-lubricated.

Examine the Safety Features

As mentioned earlier, forklift-related accidents are common. Ensure you’re buying a safe-to-use forklift for years down the road.

Focus on ensuring the safety features are working. The steering should be responsive while the brakes are at peak condition.

Learn Where to Buy a Used Forklift Now

Learn Where to Buy a Used Forklift Now

Once you know what to look for when you buy a used forklift, it’s time to look around. Research the best types of forklifts around. After that, find a used model fitting your requirements.

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