Huawei Watch GT: Powerful Smartwatch At An Affordable Price

Huawei Watch GT

In 2017, Huawei stunned the tech world with the launch of the very successful Watch 2. It took the industry by storm and shored up some great numbers for Huawei. At the time, Huawei was running Google’s Wear OS on Watch 2. After the buzz that this smartwatch was able to create, Huawei followed it up with several new launches and releases.

Huawei Watch GT is a simple smartwatch that sticks to all the right ingredients. Right off the bat, you can say that this is a handsome-looking device that draws its cues from some past chronographs that look absolutely stunning. We like the fact that Huawei has gone with a circular display and has not fallen prey to the rectangle designs.

In this article, we are going to evaluate whether huawei watch gt is a smartwatch you should be seriously considering as your next purchase. Additionally, we discuss its top features, its strong suits, and areas that it needs improvement in. If you are in your decision phase, this article will help you make an informed one.

Huawei Watch GT: A Good Option in the Smartwatch Ecosystem

Huawei Watch GT: A Good Option in the Smartwatch Ecosystem

The first thing that I and most of you would agree we notice is how a smartwatch looks. Huawei scores full points there with the Watch GT. You get a great-looking 46 mm metal steel body, with a ceramic case back. (We were able to lay our hands on the Classic Model).

You get an outer case that has digits that you would find on some leading chronographs. Switch it on and you are greeted by a high-resolution AMOLED screen. The resolution is a handsome 454×454 pixel. To be honest, this is much higher than more expensive competitors.

There are two buttons on either side that help with all the navigation functions. You can use them to set up your favorite apps or return them to the home screen. You get a leather strap option that is coated with silicone on the easier to make it more convenient for sweaty workouts.

What you will love about the Watch GT is the fact that it looks great. In fact, in terms of the looks and build quality, it stands in a league of its own, even outscoring Apple and Samsung. A big thumbs up to Huawei for pulling out all the shots with the Watch GT.

Huawei Watch GT: Software and Performance Specifications

Huawei Watch GT: Software and Performance Specifications

A smartwatch that is competing for top honors needs to be backed with software that makes it capable. Huawei has installed its very own in-house Kirin A1 Processor into the Watch GT. It works well with smart wearables and according to Huawei’s own admission, it is going to power a range of other devices in the future.

There are about 2 GB of onboard storage primarily for apps and some music files. We felt that this was sufficient enough. You get Bluetooth 5.1 that helps you sync your smartphone with Watch GT. A new version will be available through a future update. You also get 5 ATM water resistance meaning, you can take it for swimming without any dangers.

You get the following fitness features on Huawei Watch GT

  1. Heart rate tracking
  2. Sleep monitor
  3. SP O2 tracker
  4. Step and distance counter
  5. Pre-Installed Workout Modes
  6. Activity Tracker
  7. Stress Tracker and Monitoring
  8. GPS Functionality

You will find that Huawei has managed to cover all the basics and even some very advanced features on Watch GT.

Another thing that should be pointed out is the fact that you need to download Huawei’s Health App and let it sync with the GT 2. This is easy to do and shows you a ton of information. The app is available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The Bottom Line

The thing that really takes the cake on Watch GT is the battery life. Huawei has knocked it out of the park with the proprietary OS that has allowed it to offer a battery life of more than 2 weeks! This is almost unheard of in the industry. You can charge the phone from zero to a hundred percent in a little more than an hour. This again is outstanding in our opinion. If you are in the market for a powerful, dependable, and great-looking smartwatch, Huawei Watch GT should be your top choice.

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