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A rectangle is a figure which has four sides forming a structure of a Polygon, they have all the interior angles which are equal to 90 degrees. Did you see the shape of a rectangle? The shape of the rectangle has two opposite sides of equal length and the vertical sides of the rectangular figure are always shorter than the horizontal sides of the rectangle. This is where the figure is different from a square, in a square all the four sides are equal in length.

A rectangle has Length and a Breadth. Both these sides have unequal lengths. 

Suppose, PQRS is a rectangle, PQ and RS are the widths of the rectangle which have equal length, while PR and QS are the length of the rectangle, which have equal sides.

Define a Rectangle

A Rectangle is known as a Quadrilateral where the parallel sides are equal to each other. The four vertices or the four angles of a rectangle are also equal to 90 degrees. The rectangle is also known as the equiangular quadrilateral for this feature. The rectangle is also known as a parallelogram as the opposite sides are always parallel to each other. A rectangle is a 2D figure having a flattened shape. In a graph, if we draw a rectangle, the x-axis will represent the breadth of the rectangle while the y axis will represent the length of the rectangle. 

What are the Properties of a Rectangle?

The properties of a rectangle are numbered as follows:

1. A rectangle has four vertices.

2. It has four sides.

3. The four angles of the rectangle are equal to 90 degrees.

4. The opposite sides of the rectangle are equal and parallel in nature.

5. The diagonals of the rectangle also bisect each other at a mid-point.

6. The Perimeter of the rectangle will be two times the sum of the length and breadth of the rectangle.

7. The Rae of the rectangle is calculated by taking out the products of length and breadth.

8. The rectangle’s interior angles form 360 degrees in total.

Examples of Rectangular Structure

As we look around, we see many rectangular structures like:

  • Television screen
  • Mobile Phones
  • Book
  • Laptop Screen
  • Tennis courts

Explain Area of Rectangle

The area of the rectangle can be explained as a 2D figure which is structured on a plane surface. The region which is covered by this rectangle is called the area of the rectangle. The area of rectangle is the area that is restricted to the boundaries of the rectangle. The rectangle is equal to the product of the length and width measurement of the rectangle. Hence the formula of the area of the rectangle is Length X Width.

What Will be the Perimeter of a Rectangle?

The Perimeter as known is the distance being covered by the rectangular structure. Thus, the perimeter of the rectangle will be P = 2 (L + B)

Here, P is the perimeter, L and B is the length and breadth of the shape.

What is the Diagonal of a Rectangle?

A rectangular figure has two diagonals that bisect or meet each other, and these diagonals are equal in measurement.

Know More on Diagonals of the Rectangle

This symmetrical shape, that is the rectangle, has these sides which form two of its diagonals. This is to be noted, that the diagonal actually makes the rectangle into two right-angled triangles. That means, the length of the diagonal can be calculated using the Pythagoras Theorem, as this is actually a right-angled triangle. The diagonals in this case act as the hypotenuse side of the triangle. Students are advised to visit Cuemath for better preparation for their exam with the fun learning concepts present.

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