What Are The Most Common Reasons To Use Business Translation Services?

business translation services

Specialist business translation services are a big industry, and lots of businesses use translators to help with their language needs.

However, it can be hard to see all the benefits that translation services can bring to a business, or when you might want to turn to a linguistic professional or language agency for help. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons that people use language agencies for their business translation service.

Here’re a Few Reasons to Use Business Translation Services:

1. Reaching New Markets

The biggest and most common use of business translation services is to help people reach new markets that they otherwise cannot tap into. This includes marketing products and services abroad.

Reaching out to new markets means that you need to have a whole range of tasks that need to be completed in a new language, and there really is no way around it other than to get documents, files, and recordings translated into whatever target languages you need. These tasks include:

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2. Market Research

Market research

Getting useful feedback from research or focus groups means that language needs to be properly translated.

Research is worthless unless you know what it means, and it can be potentially damaging to a new product or service if you get bad translation – you could pitch a product or service that is completely wrong for your target market, just from one or two small errors.

3. Design and Planning

It can be hard to get technical details planned properly without specialist technical business translation services. Working with engineers or designers from your target country definitely needs accurate translation.

4. Contracts


Legal terminology is very complex, and every country has different laws, so getting a translation is vital. It is very important to make sure that your business is not about to risk breaking the laws and business regulations of a country.

You need to guarantee that any contracts are legitimate and have the proper wording in order to make sure that they hold up within the legal system of the country you are expanding into.

5. Marketing

Figuring out how best to market to a new audience means you need to have translation both to and from the language of the target country – you need to be able to find out the right approach to take in the area, you need to know the cultural significance of anything you might say in your advertisements.

You need to make sure that your digital marketing materials are translated perfectly into the target languages you choose – bad translations can be offputting to customers, even if they are mostly accurate and only have quite minor inaccuracies or feel clunky.

There have also been incidents of product names or marketing materials being offensive or rude when they are translated into a new language, which you absolutely can avoid by using business translation services.

6. Overseas Hiring and Training

Overseas hiring and training

Translation services also give you a new chance to expand your overseas hiring. Being able to choose the best skilled and experienced people from across the globe can give you a huge advantage, especially for specialist roles.

You can also use translation services to help make sure that all your training materials are properly translated for multiple different locations – if you have offices in five different countries, you only have to write or record one training document, and then you can get it translated to suit your needs.

7. Financial Reports

If you have locations in multiple different countries, it can be useful to bring all your financial reports into one language. This means you can compare all of them and look at where you need to improve areas, or where you have budgeting problems, all from one central point of view.

Final Thoughts

Running a business with success is hard, but business translation services can help make sure that you can work in the global field, alongside thousands of other businesses.

Getting proper translations for each target language you have helps you race toe-to-toe with these businesses, and helps your business see the benefits of being multinational, or lets you get inspiration, talent, and opportunities from areas outside your own country.

Once you start using professional business translations, you will see just how many ways there are that these services can help.

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