What Are The Most Popular Franchise Choices To Start a Business In India?

Start a Business In India

India is rising as one of the top economies of the world, and there are several franchise opportunities in India. This is crucial since we all know that small business ideas are regarded as the backbone of a country’s economy. This is why many foreign companies are coming to India with new business models and offering to start a business in India.

Franchises Business Prospects In India

Franchises Business Prospects In India

Franchising business in India is one of the finest ways to earn unlimited revenue. It provides you with a head start, as you can use the expertise of a well-established company. The franchisees have access to various franchising opportunities in India, and they can choose a suitable one according to their requirements and preference to start a business in India.

You can expand your business by selling or running the products of the parent company in India. Many reputed international companies are entering the Indian market with their franchise business models, which allow people to be a part of their global network and do business like them. 

3 Franchises Business In India With Huge Growth Potentials

3 Franchises Business In India With Huge Growth Potentials

You want to start a business in India. But it is not possible to grow your business from the foundations every time. Even the franchises can also turn out to be more profitable.

Here are the three best franchise selections in India, where you have huge growth potential.

1. Patanjali

The Patanjali industry is growing and is one of the most promising players in the FMCG industry. Numerous business owners are seeking the Patanjali franchise to sell their products to a worldwide audience. By becoming its franchise, you can avail the benefits of the Patanjali brand name. 

The customers love and trust its products which makes it a unique brand. Due to its popularity, you can earn a good amount of money by taking its franchise. Patanjali provides various kinds of help to its franchise holders, like online support to start a business in India and run the business smoothly under professional guidance. 

2. KFC 

The first KFC was started in the U.S., where it operates more than 4,500 outlets and nearly 1,000 outlets in the UK. The franchise to open a KFC outlet will cost you Rs 50 lakhs and a minimum floor space of 500 Sq Ft. The KFC franchise opportunities are available for India as well as abroad. The KFC franchise cost varies from Rs 2-3 crores depending on the location and size of the outlet. 

For example, if you are planning to open an outlet in Mumbai or Delhi, then you would have to shell out Rs 3 crore for the same, whereas in smaller cities like Ahmedabad or Indore, it would cost Rs 2 crore. The profit margins are decent and reasonable. The average margin for the outlet is around 15% which is a positive sign for those who are willing to invest in this franchise, and this is a great way to start a business in India. 

3. DMart Franchises 

These are excellent ways for aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business in India

and make money. DMart is one of the leading companies that operate a chain of supermarkets in India, displaying big banners, advertising, and selling various products. They deal in various products, such as Consumer durables, apparel, stationery, and all types of general household goods, toys, etc.

The DMart franchise cost is fixed at Rs. 25000 in addition to the charges associated with the setting-up of the store and its decoration. The total investment incurred by anyone taking up a DMart franchise falls in the bracket of INR 1.5 crores to 2 crores. Thus, by acquiring a DMart franchise, one has to arrange around Rs. 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 plus the set-up costs, which could be around four lakhs. Click here to know more about it.


All of these three franchises are great places where you can start a business in India. India’s economy is a very stable area. So after analyzing the market scope and the features, you can start the business within a few days.

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