What Specs Should You Consider When Buying A 17-inch Gaming Laptop?

17-inch Gaming Laptop

Purchasing a 17-inch gaming laptop is a great idea that can help you as a gaming enthusiast. Although laptops are relatively expensive than desktops, they’re much better since they’re portable, meaning that you can carry them around whenever you need to use them. Before purchasing a 17-inch gaming laptop, it’s essential to consider your budget and the kind of games you’ll be playing. However, there are certain specs that you should consider, as explained below:

1. Random Access Memory(RAM)

This is the working area of a laptop where data is stored temporarily. Choose a 17-inch gaming laptop with enough memory to ensure that requests and commands are processed quickly without delays. However, the RAM you want will depend on your gaming needs.

If you only want to access the internet or play older gamers, 2-4GB is enough. On the other hand, if you’ll be multitasking with the laptop with various things like gaming, video editing, creating content, etc., you need a relatively higher RAM of 32GB. You can consider getting 8GB or 16GB RAM for mid-range gaming activities.

2. Display

The kind of display the 17-inch gaming laptop has will affect the overall gaming experience. There are various display aspects that you need to consider, including resolution, refresh rate, and an organic light-emitting diode. When it comes to resolution, choose a laptop with a higher resolution so that you can get clearer images when gaming. A resolution with 1440p will work better for you.

In terms of refresh rate, ensure the 17-inch gaming laptop has a higher refresh rate to make the actions smoother to follow. Finally, the organic light-emitting diode(OLED) helps a computer produce light and avoid reliance on the backlight.

3. Storage

Storage capacity is an essential aspect when purchasing a 17-inch gaming laptop. You can consider getting a laptop with solid-state drives(SSDs). Today, SSDs are better than HDDs because of their speed for accessing stored data.

At https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops/razer-blade-17, you’ll get the best 17-inch gaming laptops with great storage capacities. When finding a 17-inch gaming laptop, other key features are SATA SSD, NVMe SSD, and external storage. External storage will help you when you’ve got onboard storage limitations.

4. Graphics processing unit(GPU)

This helps develop pixels to form excellent images on the laptop’s screen during gaming sessions. The GPU works alongside the CPU to provide high resolution and quality gameplay. If you need a 17-inch gaming laptop with 1440p, you’ll need both a GPU and CPU. When checking the GPU, consider features like display refresh rate, frame rate & resolution, and ray tracing.

5. Central processing unit(CPU)

The main role of the CPU in a computer is to process commands and send instructions to other system components. The kind of CPU you choose will determine the laptop’s response rate and battery life. 17-inch gaming laptops generally have 2 CPU specifications, i.e., clock speed and core count.

The clock speed will determine the CPU’s executions per second. The higher the executions, the quicker the CPU and vice versa. On the other hand, core count assists CPUs to multi-task, thus making it easier to execute more than one task when gaming.

In conclusion, these are the top specs you need to consider when selecting a 17-inch gaming laptop. You should consider various design features like weight, build quality, wireless connectivity, aesthetics, and available ports.

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