10 Best Cartoon Crazy Alternatives To Streaming Cartoon And Anime Online 

10 Best Cartoon Crazy Alternatives To Streaming Cartoon And Anime Online

Ever since I was a child, watching cartoons and playing video games has been one of my favorite pastimes. I loved watching amazing cartoons on Cartoon Network and getting engrossed in the world of mythical characters and fantastical beasts. I even dreamt about being a hero in these cartoon worlds, besting huge evil monsters with my mighty sword and magic!

However, watching older cartoons becomes a hassle nowadays since they are rarely re-broadcast on television. Therefore, Cartoon Crazy was an amazing website from which you could watch hundreds of cartoons – for free!

However some of its servers are having issues lately, with people looking for its best alternatives. Therefore, in this post, I will help you learn about the best alternatives to your favorite cartoon website! So keep on reading!

Best Cartoon Crazy Alternatives For Streaming Cartoon And Anime  

There can be various situations as to why you would want to have access to a website that can act as a great alternative to Cartoon Crazy Network. For example, the servers of this website can be down, or you cannot find the cartoon you wish to watch.

No matter what the situation is, there are lots of alternatives for this popular cartoon streaming site on the internet. Here are 15 unique websites like Cartoon Crazy where you can watch your favorite cartoons from!

1. KissCartoon  


If you love being whisked away to an imaginary yet exciting world of cartoons, then bookmark KissCartoon. This is a pretty old website that has been around for quite some time.

This website hosts various kinds of animated television series, both cartoons old and new. In addition, you can see international cartoons in their English dubbed versions and even in other available languages as well!

2. KissAnime  


If you watch anime and have never heard of KissAnime, then you should use the internet a bit more. KissAnime is by far one of the most famous anime websites of all time, being the gateway for the younger generation of otakus and weebs to enter the world of anime.

Here, you will get the latest episodes of your favorite anime on the same day they get broadcast on television. In addition, you can watch them all at 1080p, along with the ability to choose the server you want.

3. GoGoAnime  


Another seminal website following the footsteps of KissAnime, GoGoAnime, rose to the top pretty quickly. This website is similar in vein to KissAnime, hosting all the latest (and oldest) anime in one place.

This anime came in after KissAnime servers started getting overloaded pretty frequently. Therefore, you can consider this to be one of the best alternatives to KissAnime and Cartoon Crazy Online.

4. Zoro.to  


Guess what? Cartoon Crazy TV, KissAnime, and GoGoAnime all had their servers overloaded during the 2020 pandemic. Therefore, for all these home-alone weebs, Zoto.to became their haven.

This is another anime streaming website in the same vein as the ones named above. Its UI is pretty similar to KissAnime and GoGoAnime, with its homepage showing a list of all the trending anime.

5. AnimeSuge  


If your thirst for watching anime hasn’t subsided yet, then you definitely can watch more at Animesuge. Unlike the other anime websites here, this one has both anime and American cartoons in its vast library.

Recently, this site has been expanding its collection to include more foreign shows as well. This includes the addition of various Chinese cartoons and anime.

6. JustDubs 


I know that you will not be called an official weeb or otaku if you do not watch anime subbed. However, if you really want to watch dubbed anime, you should do it from JustDubs. In the end, who cares as long as you enjoy watching dubbed anime?

Harem, you will get the dubbed episodes of all your favorite anime, all in one place. In addition, you can watch American cartoons (which are already dubbed) from here too!

Also, did I mention that this website has its own Google Chrome extension?

7. Cartoons On!  


Cartoons On! is another famous website you can visit if you are solely interested in watching cartoons and not anime. This is one of the simplest alternatives to Cartoon Crazy that you can visit.

Unlike the other websites on this list, this one is pretty intuitive since it shows no ads to you. Simply open the website and search for whichever cartoon you want to watch!

8. WatchCartoonOnline  


WatchCartoonsOnline is another excellent substitute for One Piece Cartoon Crazy that you will enjoy a lot. This is another old website that has been around for many years, providing children and adults alike with joy.

Though the original website has been taken down, I pasted the link to its proxy website – wcoforever. It functions the same as the old one, with new UI and visuals!

9. ToonJet  


ToonJet is the best place for watching cartoons, especially the classic ones like Noddy, Oswald, Adventure Time, and more. You can watch cartoons from different eras here for free, along with watching new ones after they get aired!

10. YouTube  


Yes, you read that correctly. YouTube is still a great website for watching cartoons and anime. Many channels have posted entire episodes of cartoons and anime. One such channel is Muse Asia, which uploads entire seasons of famous anime -all legally licensed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) :-

Cartoon and anime lovers have asked various questions on the internet, primarily regarding Cartoon Crazy and its alternatives. Here are my answers to some of their questions:

Q1. Where Can I Stream Cartoon Network?  

Ans: The best way to stream Cartoon Network is from its official website. Apart from that, various other OTT platforms like Hulu showcase all the cartoons shown on Cartoon Network.

Q2. Which OTT Is Good For Kids?  

Ans: For kids, Crunchyroll is a great anime streaming website that almost (literally) has every anime that has seen the light of day. Apart from this, Netflix and Hulu (with Parental Control turned on) are excellent options for kids too.

Q3. Where Can I Watch Old Classic Cartoons For Free?  

Ans: If you wish to watch old, classic cartoons like The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Richie Rich, Popeye the sailor man, and more, ToonJet is the website you should visit right now. It’s free, and it also contains various modern cartoons as well.


Cartoon Crazy has been one of the best websites for watching cartoons online for free. However, if you love watching cartoons and anime, then it’s best you learn about some other alternative websites as well. Therefore, I hope you find all the websites I mentioned here to be worth the time!

If you know about any other similar Cartoon Crazy alternative websites, let me know in the comments below!

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