How to Choose a Floor Polish That Lasts

Floor Polish

Floor polishing isn’t only about appearance. It’s also about extending the life of your floor. Did you know it relates to your allergies too?

Pollen and other allergens are floating around, but they eventually settle into surfaces. When you polish your floors, you can get rid of dust and allergens more easily.

That said, you have to choose the best floor polish if you want it to make your life easier. Read our tips to discover some buying tips:

1. Consider Your Type of Flooring

Your first consideration should be your type of flooring. Most floor polish products are compatible with a wide range of materials, but they may not apply to yours.

Determining your floor’s needs will help you find the best product. Wax-based polishes, for instance, are suitable for hardwood flooring. However, they don’t work on vinyl material.

Wood is porous, so cleaning and polishing it requires a different formulation than the products for non-porous material. Likewise, a finish for vinyl may not be appropriate for stone and rock flooring.

2. Analyze the Foot Traffic

How much traffic is the floor going to get? Some polishes are more resistant to scratches and abuse. The others need more frequent buffing to maintain their appearance.

An office building, for example, needs something more durable. A sturdier finish allows for a longer-lasting shine with less maintenance in between. For homes, a standard floor polisher should do the trick.

3. Check the Maintenance Requirements

No floor polish would last long on its own. You have to put some work in to maintain the shine and appearance.

Depending on your product of choice, you might need to do some high-speed burnishing frequently. It requires equipment and considerable time, but the reward is stunning shine, clarity, and damage protection.

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4. Choose the Gloss Floor Polish Level

Here, personal preference plays a role. How do you want your floors to look – glossy, semi-glossy, or matte? For hardwood floors, you may also choose a satin floor finish.

Personal taste aside, you should also consider the maintenance requirements. High-gloss floors look upscale, but they’re also expensive to maintain.

They require more cleaning and buffing to keep their appearance. Glossy floors show more dust and footprints, while matte is best for hiding imperfections.

5. Do Your Research

Once you consider your preferences and needs, it’s time to choose a product. Do your research about brands satisfying your requirements.

Budget is a consideration, but don’t forget your priorities. Also, consider the health risks of wood floor polishes. Nevertheless, our tips would point you the right way.

6. Choose the Best Floor Polish Now

Picking the perfect floor polish isn’t easy, especially since it requires money, time, and labor. You have to carefully think if you don’t want to get stuck with a shoddy finish. Get some recommendations from your trusted friends and family.

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